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February 24, 2009


Abike Luv

I like it .. it like a naijaish timberland Missy Eliot type ish's hot


This joint is HOT!!!!!!!


feeling the vibes Zara...track is on fya

Abike Luv

this is hot... very hot

Idong Essien

Wetin i go say nw am speechless but I like. Naija dey yua back bossette! I see you Zaraaa! Na Naija. Na Jambo 2 since u decide say u wan add small Jamican flava. Lol.


30 comments already...she has definitely got y'all talking...the track is kool, I like her voice and playful delivery, and that pic sef...the outfit, the pose...hmmm....little wonder most of the comments are from


lol...@ boondock! 4real... Zara is mad fire right now and she definitely ate that beat up!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


Anyone that might have been following Zara as much as likes of Tolani will understand that Zara is the best female rapper. Hence, Zara, indeed, is The Flyest.


Lovely.. Keep up the great work.. Not the same ol same ol u get from ever Nigerian artist this days... Ice & Zara both of you clap for urself

jide p

@4ward and Peter-Ben, I agree with you guys. Nobody thought rap would be a major major lucrative part of naija music till M.I. came out with his stuff. Not to forget the people like eldee and em who paved the way at first when folks wasn't giving rappers opportunities. Change does happen and I think in her case she has a chance to something bigger for the fem. naija rap genre


first off.. Nice Joint.
the beat is banging! Dognomite is doing his thing.

I like Zara..her flow is interesting, her delivery is on point, content - good enough

The female game is wide open....any of them (kel,zara,naira,etc) can take it to the next level.


@ 4ward, I think ur analysis there is a bit backwards


Great Track


Dats Miss Zara doign her thing as always. Stayz new, innovative and fresh in her delivery of Naija rap....

Da Beat is ILL... Da Chic is Da Flyest... Believe!!!!


i'm rily tryin to see d hype in dis song. The track is cool. But I don't see nuffin too special. I like the chorus. thats it


nice track.....


keep it up zara....... d sky is d limit

Mr flex

omo dis song is nice mehn 4real


I'm very humbled....

Thank you for the kind words everyone.

and to those who are in doubt, there's a lot more in store

Ive got the FLyeST open for free download on my myspace. - please feel free to visit.

If any1 you know wants the track, please refer them to the link.


LOVE IT!!!! Stop comparing her to Missy BECAUSE THE BEAT SOUNDS LIKE AN OLD MISSY TRACK!!!! ... That's the only similarity!!! Her delivery is sick and I can't see any other 9ja female rapper on her level to be honest!! I'm surely rocking this!!!


43 Comments....Miss Zwagger u have definitely got the boyz talking ooo...there has to be some sort of record for this oo..Mola, Ovie wat do u guys

kola pedro

mennnn..what captured my EYE first is the pisho ooo!! as boondock talk am. I no go lie u there is a something that is very something in that pisho. as my guy dj zeez will talk "Bobbie eh!!!!" LOL. the track is cool too


ashewo nuh go kill u kola. good job Zara. the track is hot.

Big Bwoi

Mehn.. Nothing Do this track! Shit is on point! Beat is Nasty.. Her voice is sexy. She got that Missy Vibe but on a diff level. Who is this Dognomite and where is he from? I keep hearing about him. Is he Nigerian? If so, I think he has the potential of becoming one of the best Nigerian producers too.

Big ups to Zara for rippin this joint!

Y'all can check me out on

I need to get on his beat.

DJ Teffler

Big ups to the homie Zara! Hot track right thurr!

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