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February 24, 2009


Don X

hot shit!

Don X

hot ish!


Yeah I just like the beat nothing more.

Ovie O

Dats dat ill joint right there. Zara and Dmite are crazy 4 this one!
(bobbing my head...)


naija missy elliot....must be high during da session...da way she sounding...dats da appeal right there....

nice to hear more from her though...

keep repping, zara...


Lol... I said before and I will say it again... Dognomite is a beast with the beats! I swear let me get a hold of one beat and I will rip it for sure! Zara and Vicky are my fav naija female artist just because they're different! I love the Missy vibe lol... Just amazing! Toooo Sick and SEXY with it! Keep it up ZARA we need more joint like this in the club!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music
that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


9ice joint right here. I had a chance to interview her recently. Watch out for the interview on my blog. Coming real soon


don't know about the whole missy elliot thingy..but nice track anyway. I think she shoulda put more pidgin in her flows.

Need to hear some more stuff from her


Yeah this chick is certified!!!


nice joint definitely got me moving. can wait for more please keep it coming zara. finally, correct female rapper repping. everybody else to the back of the line :)


i like dis right here. Sexy and sweet...


yeah very missy-ish. nice one.


I know folks won't agree with me but I've been following this gurl's stuff for a while and I think she's the best overall (delivery + flow + lyrics) naija fem rapper right now. Opinions?

KiD Konnect


Shouts out to Zara and Dognomite for this track


cool shit!!!!


simply hot!!!!!!

deji adeloye

beat is sick!!!!!

jide p

i disagree with you there tolani. I agree that she is talented but she hasn't put out a body of work that will place her as the best naija fem rapper. What about weird mc, sasha? I'll place my bets on her before anybody else

Samuel K


zara is the real deal...catchy tune. banging hot.


zara has done it again, hot track..


Ok, ok, ok, ok! I gotsa come in here again.

Being a prolific collector of "contemporary urban Naija music", I think I can safely say that there are broadly three categories of musicians that fall into the aforementioned:
1) Those that sing or rap in Pigeon English (sometimes with a sprinkling of their local dialect, mostly in the hook) e.g. 2face, dbanj, psquare etc.

2) Those that go on & on & on & their local dialect e.g. lord of ajasa, 9ice, flavor, nigga raw etc

3) Those that spit or rap in English or American street lingua e.g. M.I., Kel, Dare (sometimes) etc

From what I've seen so far, those in the 1st category seem to get the most National, Continental (and sometimes international) recognition/success, employing the same formula used by legends like Prince Nico Mbarga and Fela (who sang mostly in Pigeon English with a healthy sprinkling of Yoruba).

Those in the 2nd category, methinks, just want to represent their tribe. Yes, we feeling the Cabasa beats, but we aint gotta clue what you flowing about; so when we don't feel the beat, we don't feel you.

As for the 3rd category (where I think Zara is at), you taking on the likes of Missy E, Foxy Brown, Eve etc,, on their on patch?!!

Need I say more?????

shawn c

this chick is good! beat is fire also


This song right here is a bout of fresh air to the Nigerian scene...its playful and yet tight, in short different.
...I also agree with 4ward..She has an advantage which if played well may take her far


missy ko...missy ni...
y'all better jus give it to the another Nigerian female rapper do it like Zara...Ape call to bad!!!

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