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February 07, 2009



dis is tight song...getting addicted to it already... da way he delivered da vocals..lovely chorus..

keep repping W4...


na tight d blood na nice vocal delivery


W4 is still alive? Nice to hear from him again. Im feelin this track. Tmonie said it all-nice delivery and tight chorus. It's just a good video to complete it.


wow, the use of harmony in this song is something many should study. This was too clean.

Lyrics don't sound like the overrecycled crap that is in the industry now. And, I am happy the artist and producers didn't feel the need to rely on a rapper in the song.

I am going to have to give this a big, heavy handclap.

You have no idea how impressed I am. Fashi the other stuff I heard here today (no offense fellas). I am truly amazed at the production, lyrics, harmony, simple but compelling beat. Keep it up to all those involved.

Mola OG

W4 has a promising future... Dude has his own style... If he continues and stays I see him blowing up big time in like 2 yrs... He will need to come out of 2face's shadow more and more... Solid track!


i love this jam


nice track.. can you send it to me please


Saw him first time performing in Basket mouths show (2005) ....i knew he was good. I still pray he finds his feet in the naija music industry. Bid ups to the likes of sound sultant, and 2face who are pulling him along.

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