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February 20, 2009



ooh nice! a break from the norm, seems t-pain inspired, lol. but verry nice... wasnt so crazy bout d song b4 but this video's makin me like it.

n k-switch's a cutie! but he's too skinny abeg


Isn't k-switch d'banj brother??


No. No. No. They didn't ! Golden rule of ripping off other people's works/concepts: MAKE IT BETTER, MAKE IT DAPPER. I can think of a thousand ways Mo'Hits could have done this video without serving us a Frame by Frame 'dirty' rip off of T-Pain's video.

I mean, come on....


T-Pain has started something with his Circus themed videos, hasn't he?

Nice video and for some reason I am itching to play ten ten, badly. It would have been nice if they had incorporated the actual game into the video. Fun clip, nonetheless.

And, Mola, I am waiting graduate oh. Ejo oh!


as I can remember t-pain didn't actually start that video concept. Its been used over and over again. I guess t-pain just brought it back in style..sorta

Check out my youtube video of the same song


didnt like this song at first but it's definitely grown on me.....checked out the youtube clip...funny stteze.


I am dissapointed with the video. It looks cheap to me not the whole BEP concept thingy but they just did a poor video.

Anyways I like K-Switch. D prince shud go n sit-down.

Mola OG

@ bsb lmao @ D prince shud go n sit-down...


Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan..... This is so a T-Pain Rip Off... I don't really like the song and the video wud have been tight if I didn't see T-pain do it first... This is a total rip off seriously!!

@smallpikkin: Please show me who made a video exactly like t-pain b4 t-pain did it coz all I know is "Chopped and Screwed" "Freeze" and "Can't believe it"... Gosh!

It was a nice attempt(or shud I say rip off...) tho... they can truly say they were da first Nigerians to pull that off (When it comes to Nigerian Music videos lol...)

Final Verdict: C

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!

funsho lekan

DA PRINCE is a joke as an artist....the vid is nice...too much alike tho...well it can only happen in


Let me add before someone else says it... Micheal Did it "Leave Me alone" But not da way T-Pain did it... so yea... (Juss thought I'd clear that out!)

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


you have a point there Chino. Then again we can't explicitly say t-pain started that concept; being that he is the only one we know doesn't mean some underground guy who didn't get mainstream success didn't do it before him and t-pain is getting all the credit for it.

anywayz it's a 9ice video.

lol@ da prince is a joke as an artist.


Video is nice, good work there. Song could and should have been way better. But don't knock the husstle... its not easy.

fabiyi olawale taza

May i add diz 1st..diz concept has been used in d 80's..nonetheless we should encourage dem..d video is nice..i mean if they can make sumtin as gud as diz call it rip-off or not,i feel they can do sumtin better..its just by being more creative snf they have a creative director??..d creative director is a man full of concepts,he conceptualizes ideas..but u knw 9ja time4dem..anywayz..9ja is gettin beta as regards entertainment..


not bad.


Abiiii at Wande's album!! Its about that time, we want Wande!!!

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ooh nice! a break from the norm, seems t-pain inspired, lol. but verry nice...

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