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February 07, 2009



You shouldn't expect more from all these's d same old dark video thing over n over again..Igho is d new hot as far as i'm concerned.
As for the song, I really don't get the point of it.
Those gurls on d floor???? lmao

funsho lekan



Isn't the beat from Justine in her video feature Omo U too Sexy? I am pretty sure the intro is. That beat was quite unique. Now gotta satisfy my curiosity and check.



if these cats were making music in the 80s they would be fuji stars, sha. I can't lie I like this stuff. Don't ask me why.

There is a specific sound in there, reminiscent of the Arab or Indian music. I'm trying to think of the specific instrument. Does anyone hear what I am talking about? I like the infusion of that clearly none Nigerian/Yoruba sound into this track. The song is too noisy and the video could send you into epileptic shock with all the flashing images, but I will encourage these cats to keep making music but try to make their music and videos a little cleaner.

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