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February 10, 2009



mohits go kill dem boys for lagos o oo....efizzy too much...killer chicks...tought provoking kokolets..

nice vids...depicts da song....enough activity inside da video...

if dbanj cough inside record peeps go buy am....d guy na real entertainer...

@dbanj, ekills...wit all dia money, they ar still in good physical shape..impressed!!

leave it...

Ovie O

Very korrect video! The end was maddd....


nna, pimping all around lagos....


Hmmm I like the song but the Intro is to similar to Durella - Enu O Se! Anyone agrees? I dunno I don't like that! Ahwell quality production is off da chain tho!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


not bad... but i cldnt help but think about durella at d beginnin of d song. abi d kokomaster too don dey copy style O_o? heheheh

Ovie O

I noticed the Durella similarity in the beginning, but i didnt want 2 start another "Dbanj-Durella" thread. One can tell there's that mutual respect btw them tho. Dem dey gbadun each other ways.


end was super hott *gbono fele fele* :)


hmmn... nice one. the end was maddd tho! wonder if they'll make a gbono feli feli video too.


lol, dbanj was lookin like a small pikin at d beginnin...


U have to respect what Mohits is doing...
High quality...
too much efizzyy.

yesss bossss


Nice vid... begining, hmmm... can you just imagine if Durella did not release Enu O se first... LMAO!


The video is of high quality some holograph going on thurr and it was done in Nigeria I guess thats what I like but it doesn't depict anything in the story line.. It's a normal parying in the pool..chillin in the club song.
The video has got power in it of which I like...maybe if girls kidnapped him in the beginin it wudda made sense.

As for the end of the video..thats what am feelin..looking like the fire guy in fantastice four.

Ikechukwu...lmao but dude has a great body.


Maybe I shouldn't have seen this video before hearing the song independent of the video, cos I'm not feeling it. I will admit I was super excited at the prospect of a new D'Banj video, but once I saw the half naked babes (fine they are tastefully clothed in swimsuits), I was disappointed. The ladies are all beautiful, but that smacks of redundancy and suggests a lack of originality for me.

Nevertheless, of what I saw, the video was very well made. Much respect to the video director and all others associated with the project. Great to see local talent shine. And, I like the 'Lagos Legend' t shirt Oga Dbanj is wearing. Very nice. The ending of the video was spectacular.

I just believe that artists like D'Banj have earned the right to take greater risks, regardless of whether they come up short or not. The people will still love them. Anyway, maybe the gbono feli feli video is coming? I hope its good. They don't have to do much for that track.


Brilliant! Koko Master at his best. I'm super excited that he did this video in Lagos and didn't just run to SA like he did for the Mo. Hits Compilation.

No long thing.

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