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February 13, 2009



Interesting concept, nice ideas but not thoroughly implemented with regards to the acting and dancing. Except for the costume changes, they did not really expressively explore the eras they visited...don't get me wrong, it is still a high scoring video.

Production: Great
Direction: Good
Choreography: Fair


Exact sentiments Bondock. In addition, Dare and TeeY-Mix, my key concerns in the past use to be quality video production.We now know Naija can do it. As such, it is moot. Therefore necessarily, the focal point ought to be, who and what is the Dare brand and how does Dare set himself aside from other brands. I.e. not just raise awareness that, "hey, I am here o. I can make fine video and I can look good o!" But, when you have a taste of Dare, the brand, you will indeed want, "more, more, more."

As such, Tee Y Mix, you and your crew ought to edit and begin the video at 1:33 for the following reasons:

1. Starting at 1:33, choreography, styles and designs have synergy and is consistent with the beats and lyrics.

2. Prior to 1:33 it is completely off and makes no sense. It's like trying to make an upscale jazz affair at the Ritz become a hip-hop/disco affair at a lounge in NYC. To be more succinct, what is the relevancy and point of the intro-everything up to 1:33? To show the versatility of fashion styles and styling? It does not fit and makes no sense.

3. The video is trying to do too much at once and conceptually appears to have not been thoroughly thought through. Who are Dare's key fan base? Are they a cross section of women and men 18-35? Are they more of the refined opera attending crowd, 40-60? White? Black? Nigerians? There is no clear communication and it is confusing as the video attempts to be everything to everyone.

If it is a disco party, make it that. If it is an upscale event make it that. In this instance, a 60s/70s meets pop seems to be where it is going and as such everything prior to 1:33 ought to be edited out. That way we can focus on the music and truly want "more, more, more."


Mola OG

@Ladybrille the song, not the video was produced by TeeY-Mix... Sorry for the confusion in my post, which I just corrected...
I know that your comments "As such, Tee Y Mix, you and your crew ought to edit and begin the video at 1:33 for the following reasons..." is directed to the Director of the video...
So TeeY-Mix, if you end up reading this, be assured that advice from Ladybrille is for the Director of the 'More' video.


The song I like. I already heard a while back. The comments are for the video.

Your correction noted.



well, ladybrile and boondock has said it all...

most of our big artiste are guilty of not clearly defining their brand/audience/ all boils down to the rat race to conquer the international market....

part of the blunders includes ill informed collabos that adds no credibility to their craft...high budget videos dat does not portray who they truly are and where they are coming from.....

one they we will get it right....originality has no substitute!!!

@video...good concept...he just introduced a new dimension to naija video was daring and adventurous....experimented wit a new plot...for dat he scored 8/10

keep repping dare...


I actually liked the concept of the video, the transitions between eras was interesting, but only when you think of it from a Nigerian entertainment standpoint. But, concept-wise, from a wider, global entertainment perspective, this has been done before. Anyway, I'm not going to overthink this one.

That being said, it was a good video, I cannot lie. I am not big on dance music (which is what the song sounded like to me) and I wonder if this gets played in Europe. I wish the artist the best of luck and can't wait to see his next video. I hope the quality will be similar or even better.


Mehn....D nuff said take the crown...U win!!!!

funsho lekan



I didn't feel the first half of the video at all - nor the song, either. Until the dance beat came in, the song was limp, and the "upscale jazz affair" motif was hampered by flawed execution - why an Asian girl? why white shoes for a black tie affair?

The choreography was poor throughout, but even worse was the fact that no real energy was put into executing it. The key to crisp choreography is simply effort - do it with energy and precisely on time.

After the 1:33 mark, though, both the visual and audio picked up, moving it from "who cares?" to "hmm, has potential." I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of Dare (I think his songwriting consistently is just "off"), but I did enjoy the second half of the song, even though it was rather generic.


Very poor choreography. The song, am not feelin Sounds like his voice is deteriorating..
Yeah he tried the old school to new school concept which works for everybody especially since no one has done it in Nigeria.
The whole video was energy at all.
I guess thur was too much time wasted on planning the video instead of other important things.


Man... Nothing do this video @ all @ all... lmao! This is by far THE BEST Nigerian video production I've seen thus far! So Big ups to DAREY!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!

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