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February 17, 2009


Mola OG

My God! This song moved me, the lyrics and are deep. Solid! Certified notjustOk track... Once this track gets mixed and mastered, he needs to shoot a video and its a wrap...

Vector is the TRUTH!!!!

O btw who sang the hook, the guy self try


I've heard bout this vector dude b4.
Nice one


Nice track...he definitely has the lyrical skills...His voice reminds a lil bit of Jay-Z but his lyrical skills are his and that's wat is going to carry him forward...he is speaking some good stuff on this...the guy on the hook is nice too...I wud love to hear the mastered version

....Any download links?


So this is the Vector guy. My bro won't let me rest with his name. Everytime I call home, its Vector this, Vector that. I see why. He's really good. Tho he sounds like Mr. Beyonce, he still drops strong lyrics.



I was just about to mention that they guy sounds heavily influenced by Jay Z but see someone else did it.

Anyway nice one.




yup... JayZ's definitely an influence. but OMG he's giving me goosebumps. Long Live Nigeria!


Already Vector Z... I Support all da way! This shit is F'n Insane! FIRE MAN!!! I bump this ish in my car! He needs to get that Music video out so it can reach BET!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


nice song ....I love da hook....dat african influence makes a lot of sense and gives da unique identity...

@Vector...comparing u to Jayz is not a compliment.....just a photocopy...switch ur style up, man....

keep repping Vec...

Elenu Nla

Please oh! Free Vector's side. The guy's lyrics are menacingly firelicious. If Jay's his inspiration, and he finds himself sounding similar to Jay, I'm sure it happened way before 2009.
Durella shouldn't be asked to change his style. Whether or not I'm a fan, I can't knock his style.

VECTOR is da bombdignified! First time I heard this track a number of months ago, I weak! His other stuff sef (not on notjustok) is wicked fire! Dude is crazy talented.


I think V.E.C. was also on the Channel O emcee Africa rap battles as well. This guy is amazing!

Ms Ifeanyinwa

Lyrically,this guy is on point, but i have no respect for rappers who can't come up with an original flow. He has obviously studied Jay-Z's style and mimicks it exactly. Your flow is like your singing voice. It's what defines you as an artist. Photocopying somebody elses style (ie gurella black dubbing biggie smalls)might yield returns in the short run, but you'll never last. Sorry, i know this isn't the popular vote, but i'll always say what i feel.

Andrew Alachi

I don't have much to say,but to me,Vector is tha BOMB.May be it's because his my menthol and role model.but all i know is that vector deserves the post of a rap king.

Andrew Alachi

V.E.C,pls don't fail your fans,Especially me,nough love Bro cos i dey feel u

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i love the underground battles, those are really crazy mo'fu's!!!!!


vector da viper is da bomb


he is just awesome

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