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February 09, 2009



dis so called colabos...ok o o

why didnt akon drop his own lines?...instead of only da hook..

anyways, nice one major hustle...atleast ur own get Konvict signature "jail close" effect...

Mola OG

tmonei you are a trip... LOL @ atleast ur own get Konvict signature "jail close" effect


i like, its hot! plus the groove is real nice

Deji D

this song has a nice vibe to it...i can see me bumping this in d car. shank tried sha
oh n tmonei u almost made me burst out laughing at work with that comment.


Damn! Tmonei beat me to it... still my fav

But you can't knock their hustle. The 9ja mission keeps waxing stronger.


All I'll say is listen to this track


@sdotgang...thanks man...dis na real jawon si....

well, tuface and shank owes us all an explanation..WTF is going on, peeps..


hey! hey! hey!!!!

Alright Shank, go head with ya bad self! I liked his single 'Julie' though I kept asking myself if he was Caribbean.

Anyway, from the very first beat, I started dancing, which is always a good sign. Akon sounds good, as well, and trust me it takes a lot for me to say much about our brother Akon, but I really liked the combo. I won't lie, the rap slowed down the pace of the song for me, sha.

This just might be the theme song for the next senior babe outing!


I love the hook... I dunno about the verses tho :-/ and what's up with Akon on a hook alone? I need him to be on a verse! Ahwell... Overall, I'd say: B

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


lol @ tmonie
Is that shank rappin bout a screw driver??
I prefer Akon in collabos n this is nice.


y's akon recyclin lyrics for nigerian artistes? first it was riz abi watz his name, now shank... smh. newaes, i still prefer this version sha... that 1 feat Kaye Styles was just dull...


Why is it that when any of these American artists sing with a Nigerian, they will use their old chorus but when its an |American based artist, they will use new chorus. thats unfair!!! but the track isnt bad shaa. watch some more naija videos on


The lyrics is alright and i think shank is very good And Akon relly put up some gesture.. Like i gatt one on my hip one on my shock....

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