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February 25, 2009



me personally am getting tired of dis endless freestyling...its like an amateur singing in da shower....

all those dat did gongo aso freestyle av since moved on...

very cheap method of promotion for naija MCs...

time to hit da studio and cook up original stuffs.....


Too much time wasted on feeling himself in the beginnin.
It's just wrong.... Weak rhymes.
Anyhow he sounds happy doing what he's doing which is good.


its aight. would have been better without the autotune stuff, it makes his voice sound shaky.
@ tmonei....go tell jay-z to stop freestyling and see wut he tells u. as a matter of fact, i wanna see ur own freestyle.


@jinn...go and google the number of albums jayz has under his belt....mixtape is wat great MCs do and not endless freestyling in their bathroom on jacked beats....

go and ask 50cent the number of mixtapes he did before he cracked da industry....ask modenine too....

freestyling should not replace mixtapes or promo CDs...among those dat made promo cd in naija industry are shank, tuface, 9ice...made them look professional and at the end of da day they are better for it....

freestyles are done at live interviews, rap battles and stage performance.....not rehearsed.....

mixtapes is how hiphop is professionally done.....get it.


this is great. Naija got talent meeennn. saw one video by Rugged man and i was shocked. Naija is going places oooo


mabe he shud have picked another song,beat to freestyle too...was so distracted by tpain voice i cudnt focus on what he was saying....

originality is key.


I think its nice...mad swagg. the rhymes are not that bad, and besides it's not just about making words rhyme. those criticizing probably couldnt even do better even if their whole lives depended on it. you obviously dont know anything about rap...this is not the best work out, but we there is stuff thats a hundred times worse than this. the production is not that great, and if you listen closely, the dude is actually making sense. he definately should not have used this beat though...altogether it wasnt as bad as some people are trying to make it. bsb needs to shut up and go and take a class on what rapping is really about.


just because you finally learned how to browse on the internet, doesnt make you an authority on what good rap is all about. It also doesnt equip you with the expertise to criticize an individual putting in effort. most of you probably cant even name 6 good rappers and 3 good rap albums, but because they are allowing you idiots to post comments you feel you can come and start dissing people when you know less thannothing about rap. Its getting very annoying reading all these posts by obviously retarded individuals. the biggest mistake here was instrumental choice. it sounds like the song was supposed to be longer. the production isnt perfect.he also could have been more comfortable on the beat. it's not a horroible attempt. It could be a whole lot better though. I would love to hear more from him. if he is reading this, he needs to put more effort into making his work more unique. carve your own niche.


@tade...drop ur comment and leave others calling is unbecoming....maturity and mutual respect is key to sharing a good public blog site like these....

there is nothing wrong in trying to sound wise....but not at the expense of others...try not to upset fellow site visitor wit ur comment...ok!!

da goal is to keep naija artiste on their toes and not to discourage them or encourage mediocrity....but if u feel discouraged then ur determination and focus is suspect...

me as one I will like to see things done professionally....that is when we can really compete intenationally...


mary and tade insults are not quite necessary. Because you feel a certain way doesnt mean everyone should conform to your views. if people don't like it, whether you abuse them from now to forever, they still wouldn't like it....there's something called "CHOICE" you know

and yes i criticized (key word criticized not dissed), even though i cant rap any bettter. thats why i'm not a rapper...HELLO!!!

It's been all love on here,lets keep it that way...


I'm with you baby.

These new comers in Notjust Ok don't know nothin that goes down in Notjust Ok.

I'll always be a number1 fan of rap/hiphop but when I aint feelin it and I got my reasons....that me own "CHOICE" as baby said.

Mola OG

@ Mary and Tade please refrain from insulting people on the blog. You can state your opinions and disagree with other people, but please let us keep it respectful...

Roger Rabbit is still warming up, I am sure he will go back in the lab and cook something even better...

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Yes I agree with you that he's having a different approach but still he looks good with this style of his.

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