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February 25, 2009



Okay I'm waiting. Lets just pray that 'the right' people hear this song.
Looks like the dude likes Fela. D'banj doesn't even talk this much about him in his songs.

Anyways. The lyrical content would definitely make you ponder over shit going down in Nigeria.


wasnt feelin it at first... but its a good track!


Politicians!!! dude don talk da truth but...lets hope they dont shoot us...for dat..

keep repping, rico...


Lyrically, the music is great in all aspects, and yes feeling the whole inserted lyrics by Fela. I am one on beats, and if it is not catchy to me i find it difficult to listen to music and appreciate it fully also vice versa. I believe music is more the lyrics but also a catchy beat. I will definitely listen to this but just appreciate the music for the lyrics but not in its entirety........Good track though, really appreciate the honesty in the track


Ermmm thot the song was boring. the chorus is awful. like really awful.


This is a lyrical bomb. Has anybody seen Banging video by Rugged man. check

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