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February 10, 2009



am liking da sound of galala sound now o o o....its sounding better now...I guess timaya has raised da bar...

wicked world...wicked tune....good da harmony...good lyrics....standard production....we can sell dis to da world, wat do you think?

instead of fake yankee accent...

message of song is true to life..

keep repping,oritse....

@O.O....thanks for dis...


Oh oh... Warri boys go vex oooh... =D Love it sha!

@tmonei: what do you mean fake yankee accent? Lol!!!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


femi and sunny ade were invited to perform at da grammy cos of their african percussion....and nominated

9ice was nominated for mandela concert cos of his africanness.....

boys no fit rap pass 50cent, luda and co....just bad photocopies...reality!!!

originality...artiste should embrace who they are and make da best use of it...

2shot and don talk am finish...


The IWE song is funny..lmao. His igbo is sounding weird.
Looks like the chick behind is gonna do the flogging. lmao

Why haven't they used jazz for the politicians??


OMG! This is the reason why I frequent this website as often as I do. No marginalisation, no bias, no bull. Naija music is not all about rap, rap, rap. All genres are represented very well.

As for Oritse Femi, I absolutely love his songs. I watched one of his video cds over xmas in Lagos, and I also heard "Mercies of the lord." That song almost made me cry.
"Wicked World" is flawless. That's the word... flawless.
I can imagine being in a Lagos club and IWE comes on. People go colo ooo!!! Mad track.
Thanx NotJustOk. I'll be playing these songs all day. More of the Waffi/Aj-City boys, pls.


I had never heard of this artist, but I like this Wicked World track. Shebi na Ajegunle boy eh? My uncle was stationed at the navy barracks there way back in the day. I have great memories from Ajegunle, so I have to support the guy.

Definitely a party tune.


Femi is sure a real talent......Just finish listening to Iwe and Mercys of the Lord....


Oritse femi always making sense love these dude.....


Oritze Femi iz a very g' artizt 4 mii n zure!
y nt?
I wuld hav hiz zongz in mii I-Pod or wateva muzik playa I got...da guy haz wat it tekz 2 gro bigga dan wat he iz rite nw....


Kala your mamu! Oritse Femi is sooooo Big! I would go as far saying since Fela... He is so raw and represent the street, saying shit that is really going on. The album Elewon was listened to over and over.
I have to cop this latest one. Oritse, if you reading this, let me know if you want your own dedicated website, i can hook you up with something nice, have your own domain. Peace.

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