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February 04, 2009



Nice track...there is something about Obiwon's tracks that just gives 'em this soothing musical melody...everybody on this track represented although illBliss's remark/flow/definition of "motherly" as being able to cook and clean properly is rather limiting and not up to date...good song nonetheless


Once again M.I's lyrics are sweet like honey...

nzewi amaral jnr

obiwon na material.we dat re in d the UK update us wid new album dat re in d markert.i vent heard d original o.blaise na mi gal oooooo.SHE is gud.DIS MI I NO DEY FEEL AM @ ALL,BUT I WAN GET HIS ALBUM 4 MI CD SHELF.


obiwon is one of da best lyricist, no doubt....his songs and production are unique...good dancer too...true, igbo son...but I am a westerner..

MI repped as usuall...and Ill bliss did his thang....Blaise is head over shoulders above da female MC's

nice song..although i dont understand a word...


the female lyricist was very good, and I liked the way the song started, but the song fizzled out for me once the singer started 'crooning'. And it started getting better once Illbliss started rhyming.

'people talk say, oyingbo don carry am go' = lol!

The singer's voice does not catch me. I think I heard a song of his last year that threw me off cos of his voice too.

They try sha, can't take that away from them. Wish them the best.


Finally Blaise!
I think Obiwon tries too hard..his voice is just wastin like 'em Style Plus dudes.
Thers nothin new in their lyrics that we haven't heard before but it's all good.
I like d song...Sola Thompson wud play this.


The 'Nigerian Usher' is something cheesy about Obiwon's songs but i can't but help but like him and his graft. Igbo Kwenu!!!!!


Which kin' constipated pi'shure Obiwon come carry for front? As we dey talk for Ife days, "But why?"

The song's a little bit catchy, mostly unoffensive. It's not a jam, but I wouldn't necessarily change the channel if it came on...

The M.I. verse was perfunctory. I guess I've heard so much fire from dude that this just didn't pass muster. The tragedy of high expectations, what? :)

Mola OG

@bsb I feel you, I've been waiting to hear Blaise on a track for a minute now... I think she is the best female lyricist naija has at the moment, but she needs release material to keep that spot...
Can't wait to hear more from Blaise!!!
I mean she killed supernatural... I hope she surprises us in '09.


omg so obiwon sang this song?? i heard d original in Nigeria n i loved it. but it just didnt click that he was d one. i think i prefer d original sha. tho this is really nice as well.
(abegi jare this illbliss cannot rap. ah!)

i just found d original on youtube:

ti jurnour

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