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February 17, 2009



so i just heard about this matt sesoo guy, i am officially a fan. homeboy is freakin' good......the singer is funny"tickle me i tickle uuuuuu"


It's alright. It makes the rotation, but it's a bit unstructured. Alright, Matt; you out now. Now what?


Abeg jare..wat d??
anyways least he enjoyin what he doin.
AAm not feelin this anyhow

Elenu Nla

dis is where we can tell who's better than who. when SONGS are created.

people always shouting for freestyle freestyle freestyle. Freestyles sell no records. songs do.

on the other hand, i like u Sessoo.

waiting on TRACKS! I'm sure you're in the studio cooking up a sick well rounded ting for us.


Hmmmm, what makes him unique? How is he going to stand apart in what is already a crowded music market? I can't help but see some similarities in his flow and lyric choice to Lil Wayne.

Anyway, I wish him luck. Will definitely keep an ear out for other stuff.


@Matt sesso...stop bombarding us with rehearsed tired of it!!

please, go into da study and lets see wat u can do....dats da gospel truth..

make me a fan, pls....

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