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February 16, 2009


Mola OG

Wow! Teeto's vocals are way clearer on this mastered version of Da Finest.. I can appreciate his lyrics now.. Dude can spit!


Great interview! i think these guys have wut it takes 2 blow.

fabiyi olawale taza

I'm impressed..nice one

tmonei feeling dis peeps like wetin....they gave us crazy collabo like da finest...its obvious dis guys are serious about their not against western style production but infuse an african element for uniqueness

@mola...teeto is a crazy MC/freestyler....check him out on jimmys jumpoff or freestyle competition held in SA.....he was robbed in SA competition...all on youtube


WOW.. Nice collabo.


You know, when I saw the name Lanre Oladimeji, I paused for a second because I had a classmate with that name at KC. Anyway, I was browsing through my Facebook friends list and saw the same classmate had the Knighthouse logo on his profile. Cool.

Anyway, yeah, this was an extremely timely piece. The Knighthouse branding was starting to get confusing. Great interview, Mola.


The beginning is hot! Whoever this chick is on the track, (Mo, shebi?) I HAIL HER! The attitude she gives off in her little segment is too much, I am so feeling this. These cats took a a simple beat and transformed it into an incredibly hottt song. Production - check. Vocals- check. Lyrics - check. Now, I want the video. I have to see the visual interpretation of this very modern, yet Naija tune.

They flipped it, and I like it. This is something to be excited about.


'da finest' is sauce kid's finest... hehe. i'm feelin d song die, esp the chorus. mo abeg release sontin sharpsharp! lol

Dunte Masterminder

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vic divine

wat up all my fellow knight house luvers" my name vic dinine, and i have dis strong passion for singing but al i need is a record labbel,and honestly speaking i want to sign in under knight ie there is any way anybody can help me i will be email is

Naija jams

Great interview!!!I really appreciate the way u have written this article,To best honest i am very much impressed..

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