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February 20, 2009



Lol. He started slow in the rendezous song but he gotta song of which am not really feeling but I wud like to hear something different or whatever from him.

Lyrics sound original aint it


he made psquare sound like quacks...he needs to spit on his own beat....he has got talent no doubt...

assume dis is a publicity stunt...aggressive one..

reminds me of fake milli vanilli before they got

decent job, though....

he got wat he wanted....attention

keep repping,Jiff....


lol @ tmonei "he made psquare sound like quacks"... i dont think psquare needs anyone to make them sound like quacks, they do it very nicely by themselves, lol
evn tho i obviously dont like psquare, i prefer their version. or mayb its just these almost-damaged earphones i'm listenin thru.


ok so it was definitely the earphones... nice!


i just listenned to dis dudes album....he is up there lyricwise...I cant wait for him to do his own thing....he set to blow

"hooked on u" was mad crazy....he owned da beat....

dats my verdict...

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