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February 12, 2009


Mola OG

Korrect track... its good to see naija artists coming together on this track for a good cause


hot track. loves it!!


Nice track! Love it.


hottnnesss....perfectly executed.
erybody did their part well...

cobhams is one talented dude...kool dude too.



Nice nice track...leave it to M.I. to drop the word plays..U & I sef (U.N.I.C.E.F) can forever unify..

Naija Keno

This track is touching!
M.I Shined on this track!


big ups to lagos state gov for da initiative....

its hightime more attention is paid to childrens plight in naija...street hawking and co must stop...

nice song to deliver da message..

Ola Ogundele

Ok Lets start with the Beat, I dont know who makes these beats, but men on point. The artists and I mean all the artists, all of them delivered too much, as in starting with 2face, perfect start and perfect ending. I dont have complaints at all. As in I believe there is something great going to happen this year, I dissected this song but I did not find anything wrong......LOVELY. TOO MUCH

Ola Ogundele

Ok might I add, that I have a new found love for MI(Mr Incredible). Please who knows him, I want him to be my friend. LOLLL.

Elenu Nla

Great song. beautiful production, wonderful artist collection!

I LOVEEEE the message. LOVE LOVE LOVE TIMI'S VOICE! BANKY just touches your insides. Timaya just makes you....ooooooh. Even 2face...Tosin Martins. Jeeez!

Even Sasha came nice on this trak. MI's just a lyricist. He'll die coming up w/ crazy shit. U n I CEF! as innnnnnn...*bow*

LOVE OMAWUMI's voice too, just felt she didnt have 2 come off so...STRONG. there's power in knowing when 2 tone down the voice. but hey! apparently it works for the track. nice ones


Ola I agree with you..everything is on point...The beat is done by a good friend of mine and producer extraordinaire Cobhams...His voice is the last thing you hear on the track..


Ovie is there a downloadable link or can we buy this somewhere...cos I wanna spread the word and play this everywhere I go this weekend..

Ola Ogundele

Ok Boondock I think we are on the same page is there a downloadable link? I definitely tell them to come to but I also want it on my Ipod. Its not on Itunes yet and I dont want to wear out this track on the site. I have played it like so many times. Really love this track


at last thank God u put this up.. its hot. we need more tracks like this that makes sense... and its 4 a very gud cause..


Okay, I'm not even going to yarn about the track. I want to talk about that poster. I understand that they put Angie Stone, Carl Thomas, and who again? Oh yes, Donnell Jones, in the center because they were the international acts, shebi?

However, let me ask a question, and I hope someone can help me understand. When was the last time any of you heard about Angie? When was the last time you heard about Carl Thomas? Or Donnell Jones? My goodness! No disrespect to those artists - Donell's first (and only major album,) got me through Washington DC and my first year of law school - but the Nigerian artists on that poster are fly and current. Did they need to be shafted to the side because of the international acts? I don't think that was fair at all. Our artists might not have sold as many albums as Angie and the rest, but they shouldn't have been relegated to the outskirts of that poster.

Just my 2 cents. Abi, those artists would not have pulled as many ticket buyers for the event or what? And, BTW, the track is very good.

Off to finish my writing.

Ovie O

To all interested parties, here's a download link...


n i cant help but feel like i discovered MI, lol. yeah, he's a killah.

Mola OG

@SSD I fully agree with you. All those artists have not had hits in years... Well If I may correct you, I am sure that 2face has sold more albums than Donell Jones and Carl Thomas combined (think about it). Angie may be not..

Ovie O

Lol @ "2face has sold more albums than Donell Jones and Carl Thomas combined." It just might be true (also counting the bootlegged 2face cds/vcds/dvds sold across Africa).
As they say, a prophet isnt honored in his own home. We see 2face and D'Banj like every week on shows, interviews, live performances... mostly local. So... it all adds up to what i'd like to call the "see finish factor."





amazing song and a huge source of pride!





morka john diji,port-harcourt

this is certainly the best naija collabo ever.the synchronisation of the different voices was perfect...and this goes to M.I,u are incredibly imaginative...ur certainly d best thing to happen to d nigerian rap've got wat it takes to hold ur own anywhwre,home or abroad...

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