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February 10, 2009



Happy bday mr MOLA. . . . .Wish ya numerous years to come. . . . .

SHats out to the NOtjustOK crew. . . . .

Lalaboi Reppn. . . .safe....


happy bday Mola


by the way Ovie...nice one on the song selection...dats totally my fav track i hurd on this website...Mola OG sabi him music


Happy BirthDAY Mola.....I no no say u na from my Home town na...Where 4 kwara? me na Ajase Ipo..


happy birthday..

keep repping, bruv..


Happy Birthday bro. long life and all the best!

Ola Ogundele

AAAAAWWWWWWWWW, I dont know how many times I will wish my baby brother Happy Birthday, But once again Bro, Happy Birthday and May God bless you Abundantly in everything you lay your hands on In Jesus Name. You will be a blessing to everyone you come across like you are a blessing to me and the family. A true man of passion to improving others as well as yourself. I do appreciate you and really proud of you. Its amazing watching you grow up to be the man you are today and I wish you all the best in Life, Now and in the Future. Call me emotional but Ovie you are awesome, I really loved this song as well when I first heard and totally agree that its one of Demos fav. This Blog is his baby and passion. God bless you and have a fabulous day and live, love and laugh alot. Enjoy


Happy Birthday. Enjoy!


hey, happy bday Mola!


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy B-Day ma nig all the way! long life and all the best!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


Happy Birthday Mola sweetums! You haven't posted my music like dat but I still love you! :) You and O.O've been 2 of the best g-chat companions and critics. I totally appreciate you both.

I wish you your heart's desires (as long as they cause others no harm) on this special day of yours! May the good Lord look out for you in every possible way.

Ise "notjustok and plenty more" L'ori r'an yin and awa listeners and artists thank God for you.

take care ara e oh!

Send me my piece of your bday cake.


Elenu Nla

MOLA O.G peperempe!

Happy birthdayyyyyyy

Mola OG

I appreciate all the love and birthday wishes everyone. More importantly, I want take this time out to thank you guys for continuing to stop by the blog and taking time out of your day to leave comments on the material that get posted on notjustOk. It goes a long way for the artist as they ordinarily wouldn't get feedback from people that they did not know. You guys make it happen and your comments are truly valuable... I would mention each person's name and thank you one by one, but it would take all day, besides there are enuff songs in my mailbox waiting to be posted. Again thank you for the Bday Wishes and I truly appreciate the love...

Ovie I go deal with you later... lol!!!... Thanks for you commitment to the movement too, I appreciate your work ethic, opinions and suggestions... Warri boyz no de carry are a true winner...


Is OG the one in the pic? If so, not bad looking :)

Fiddy's "Go OG, Go OG, It's your birthday, we gon' party like it's your birthday." :)

I hope it is all that and a big plate of Amala and ewedu with a serious obe to ta san san and huge pieces of eran. LOL! Okay, I guess I am the one craving that right now ;)



happy bday Mola... am a big big fan of ur blog!!!
song definitely rocks... thumbs up 2 u.


pls upload that inspirire africa single ft 2face,timaya, banky, mi, sasha, timi... produced by cobhams...


Happy Bday Mola. Tainks for the props the oda day.



Wow am so lucky I didn't miss today. I just happened to stop by and It turned out to be Mola OG's birthday!
If thats a picture of's really nice.
I hope you enjoyed today with lots of chocolate cake and Ice cream.



Yeah, between me and old are you?

KiD Konnect

Happy Birthday Mola



Tracy Bryant

Happy Birthday "MOLA"....

Ovie O

@ Ola Ogundele, I appreciate the kind words, Big Sis. God bless u as much as u desire.
@ Phizzle, thanx mate.
@ Zara aka Naija's Finest! I enjoy g-chatting with u 2.
And as 4 Oga OG... at ur service, Sir. I remain loyal.
Thanx 2 all 4 being a part of this family. I really does feel like a family now. We're certainly all in this 2gether.
Mucho Amor!


Happy belated Birthday, Mola!~!~! I can't believe I missed yesterday... and I come here virtually everyday. Ovie u should have told us in advance now. lol.
Is that Mola on the pic??? Boy, u're evn more handsome than Kelly Hansome. lol. hmmm.... (starting 2 daydream)


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