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February 08, 2009



damn!!!! this gal is fiya... ah ah this is even christian lyrics i can imagine if she was not in2 xtian hip hop.... definitely A+.


She gets a B+ from me. Solid track and strong at what she does. There is always room for improvement.

Overall, impressed and even more impressed that she is holding up Gospel hip-hop on the Naija side of things.

Thumbs up!



By the way, thanks for more representation of women Naija artists on your site. This past weekend I was thinking it has been a minute I have been here,super busy schedule. I was also thinking, geez I never really see as much Naija female artists. Voila! You read my mind.




Thats the thing about most nigerian female musicians..she's got some mad lyrics but no...ioono jare thurrs sum'n missin I wudda cald it delivery but it sum'n close to that.
It's nice that she's a gospel musician...I wud like hear more from her.

At the end the song is a hit n I'll definitely play this out loud!!


Not. Feeling. It.

Bouqui has the delivery, but her actual flow has always been stilted - and I'm talking since '97 or so. It didn't help that she sacrificed the rhyme in places so she could quote the Bible literally, nor did it help that I heard a hint of "Jesus Walks" in the beat.

B- (and that's mostly because we go back)

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