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January 29, 2009



omo, bone criticism...nothing to say...dis na international standard...vocals on point, delivery on point, instrumentals on point....dis guy no dey their level o o...dis one no be fruity loop production o..

its not for da naija market...dats da truth..


sounds like a Will-I-am production...

Ms Ifeanyinwa

Na wah oh! You guys are easily impressed. The beats are nothing special and the guy can't sing. I hope you guys haven't started payola on this wonderful blog. tmonei, if your the artist...sorry, but this is my honest opinion


@ms ifeanyinwa......c'mon!!!! its not that bad!!. I like it. It's got a kind of PM dawn feel to it. He has a relaxed easy rapping style which compliments the beat. Gives the song a chilled out vibe. There isnt much to sing on in the chorus, so i'm not sure what singing your talking about. The lyrics are ok and all in all its one of the better efforts i have heard on this blog.

@Zilla, keep it your work!!!


thats my dude right there good too see a fellow isl cat do his stuff.

funsho lekan

mehn tha matter of fact is this....THE SONG(IF THATS WAT Y'LL THINK THIS IS)IS not up to par...this shit is homemade...not to clown or nothin but did this guy acutally think this is some peeps are impressed quickly...i respect ur hustle zilla but this aint wat that is...and TMONEI abeg jor we self international so dont use that to come and confuse us here jor...national or international or even sellf out of space THIS SHIT STILL AINT WAT THAT IS...but nvrtheless u try sha...


naaah he didn't get wat I think he was tryin to get. Nice lyrics but he needs a new producer...wud like to hear more form him..but I seriously don't do slow songs.


@ms ifeyinwa...I dont give a f who blows or not I just wanna listen to good music...and maintain good standard...I am not a promoter....definitely not an hustler..out


hear more of zilla @

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