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January 18, 2009



Whiz kid is a cutie! I appreciate his push at a young age and his sound is not bad.

You never really hear a sound out of Naija for the equivalent of a Naija teen pop culture. He reminds me of the "Bow wow," Pharell, Britney Spears, the many boy bands and even Justin Timberlake back in the days. That is alright with me.

If strategically placed and managed, he could be the face synonymous with Naija's teen pop culture.



Ovie O

Wizkid is Madd!!! He reminds me of Sean Kingston. I'm definitely salivating at his potential.

Elenu Nla

its looking like our artists have abandoned pidgin for patois.'s HOT HOT HOT. his voice is hella different.


Yeah sounding like Sean Kingston aint it.
D song sounds different. Would love 2 hear more from him.
Lemme go check M.I's Faast money Fast cars again cuz I don't remember a voice like dis on it.


SH1t!! How cud I have forgotten... Dude is really cool mehn. Wud still love to hear more from him.
At least it's gud to have a teen musician in d Nigerian music scene..thurrs one other one I saw on Nigezie but I can't remember his name..


whizkid dearie, YOU fine! hehe... i like d song!


oopsies... *WizKid*
um... download link please?


wizkid will u still be wizkid in d next 10 yrs?eg lil bow wow to bow wow?

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