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January 22, 2009



nice ish wizkid..but needs to mature...its good but will it sell?...upcoming artist need to sit down and study da market trend b4 wasting their time and money in promoting songs....but truely no time spent in da studo is wasted...keep repping kid

Elenu Nla

oh shit! dis guy's my friend on facebook sha. i totally forgot about him. I remember telling him this song was hot. ive been trying to remember the guy's name sef!


i luv dis kid's voice. though dis song sounds forced or like he was tired or something. this dude has big big big potentials.

@tmonie ppl gotta take risks sometimes. nobody ever believed in naija rap until eldee and dem came and destroyed it wit shake bodi and the trybe movement. same with d'banj and his tongolo gospel. and naija ppl like reggae/dancehall so i think he can blend it into his own unique style and tap into that market.


The guy has got skills but like tmonei said he needs to study and understand whats sells in the market he is targeting.. Pype is another talented dude with the ragga swaga, but yet to break through.

Elenu nla dear, whats your fb id?

Elenu Nla

Egbe, what's yours? I'll add you.

Ovie O

@ tmonei and Egbe, I see where y'all are coming from, but... as "Rotimi" has said, this kid has as good a chance of breaking into the market as anyone else. Infact, in truth, DanceHall or rap... which do Nigerians like more?? That's a no-brainer. If rap can be accepted, then this dude has as good a chance as any other talented artist to break into the market.
I tell u, I've been listening to MI since Crowd Mentality, which was done prolly over a year ago, b4 he then put out "Hustle"... and even with that, I certainly didn't see a rapper becoming Nigeria's hottest act.
My money's certainly on Wizkid to take the nation by storm either this year or next.

...and as 4 the Pype reference, be rest assured that he's already becoming a household name in Nigeria. ...even before making a single video or putting out an album. That's greatness in the making, homeboi! Pype and Wizkid will revive Nigeria's love for DanceHall. Remember the good ol' days when Chaka Demus and Pliers were played as much as our National Anthem? Or everyone doing the Patra dance moves? Or Shaggy? Or even as recent as Sean Paul? Those days are on their way back, bro... and Pype and Wizkid will be at the forefront.


After hearing him on M.Is song...I was like damn! not even knowin he's a youngy. Well I think he's music wud sell...definitely, there are lot of Nigerians dat like dancehall n reggae.
I'm so happy for him wid this flow he decided to bring. I wish him well.
As for this song, it's not one d best av heard of him. Aint he repatin his lyrics from you fine?


@ovie: I'm not sure I got u right, did u say I shud post my email addy for a downloading link?
I wud really love to hear M.I's time n 99 problems...d first two songs I heard from him.
I am proud to say that I now own a copy of his album but those two songs n r not evn in it.


@rotimi, ovie..Naija peeps love dancehall and raga but would they buy it like area boys buy pasuma's songs...look peeps, music industry is about smiling to da bank....nas is tight but he can't sell as much as commercial rappers like Jayz, 50cent...upcoming acts should take a cue from dbanj, terry g, maintain and 9ice...dats why mode9, OD, pheroshuez and co will always be broke niggers..its all about da benjy's baby...believe dat


@ovie...why did u put double quotes in btwn my name? lol. I guess I'm a late bloomer on mr. incredible. i'd like to hear some of M.I. earlier stuff.

the first joint I heard was the drop it like it's hot remix and I still wasn't convinced until I listened to the album.

Please anybody with links to some of his earlier stuff should post it. fanks


@bsb...wizkid, pype will always be collaboing unless...they study da industry and wat people want...Razzness is da nu cool in naija music industry....dagrin, YQ, terry G, dbanj and tuface understand da naija music industry trend..."I love listening to it on da radio" is different from "I must own a copy"...get dat


Whizkid, still enjoy your work. However once the ear gets accustomed to your sound, then a real focus becomes the lyrics.I feel you need lyrical/content diversity to create that 'umph' needed, down the line.

I took a listen again to you and other artists in your genre and I look forward to when the boyish sounds mature into that of a man. For this moment, this time and your age, your sound is perfect and should NOT change.

In my humble opinion, it could be the catalyst for creating a teen pop like culture as indicated in a prior commentary on your work.

Keep up the good work but step it up on lyrical content/diversity, although that might be a challenge as life experiences, especially if you write your lyrics, provide such meaningful/diverse lyrics that resonates with a broader audience.


Ovie O

@ Ladybrille, u're a real analyst. U definitely impress me with ur constructive criticisms. I just had 2 let it out. I see u're constantly updating as well. I checked out the "blogazine" 2day. Kudos!
@ bsb, on the part where it says "author", "email" and "url", put ur email on the email part. It won't show up on the actual post, but Mola and I can see it incase we need 2 email u anything.


you can check out for some of M.I.'s earlier work, it also includes a few new ones too..enjoy


really feeling this track....listened it to it 5 straight times. Hopefully this boy will go far. He is certainly one of the better artists i have heard in recent times....

Very strong track....wish i could download it somewhere........any ideas?

Ovie O

@ rapjunkie, check ur email...


WIZKID is da shizznet right now... Dude is on fire.. I expect more hot tracks from him!!!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


interesting track for sure. I agree that he might eventually blow up. I am waiting to hear his next track. I expect it to be good.


and um, please, he needs to stop looking like souja boy. It really gave me a negative taste in my mouth when i saw his pic. I am not a soulja boy fan though there is clearly demand for his music, but I don't want naija artists to simply become clones of popular american musicians.

Abeg, wizkid, there are enough stylists who can help you develop a unique look oh. Please, contact uduak at Ladybrille, I am sure she can point you in the right direction oh! And that goes for any other artist out there. Uduak, feel free to send me hamper if and when the clients start rolling in lol!



wizkid ur talent is real, ur gud in what ur doing i pray to feature u 1 day on my track. og said so. phc swagger

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