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January 21, 2009


Elenu Nla

Can somebody please find this instrumental or rip the instrumental for me. I have a friend who I think should get on it.

thank you!


too many f words here n there...why?
anyways seems like a new genaration following M.I is teaming up to emerge this year.
Would have like to hear them on a different beat seriously this beat is played out.
Nice attempt by all of them especially Wizkid with the raggae flow

mr mr

i'm batman son...u can call me little wayne...lolol


The F words etc. is a turn off, esp. when it comes from African rappers. There were way too many mad lyrics in this, that was so unnecessary. It comes off as trying too hard because at the end of the day, your presentation to the world is not, I am an American black hip-hop artist.

You be Omo Naija hip-hop artist. Also, M.I. raises the bar. The lyrics, rhyming etc. Please people take a page out of his hip-hop manual.

WHIZ KID, phenomenal! I would listen to this track again only to hear you because you are the glue that made it come together.

The beats = Awesome. Jesse Jagz good job if you handled the beats. Keep up the great work. Overall strong but y'all need to fall back on the swearing left and right. It takes away from what would have been a complete package.



This wizkid is my best in this song. I'm feelin his flow. The rest r just...damn!
It's a freestyle...u shud expect mad lyrics...I don't think it was unnecessary.
Bad guy Wizkid, they must hav probably jumped on him wen he was thru wid his verse.
@uduak: the beat's not jesse jagz' it's from Gigs here in jand.

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