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January 26, 2009



na wa good job on the html portion


this shit is already bogus as expected.MI was on top with his delivery and confidence and stamina. Lyrics wise Matt Sesoo killed these dudes hands down. A lot of his bars are gonna go over simple heads lol
"number one with a bullet cos my shit don't stink"? thats sharp.
these other cats are just talking nonsense.


i just listened to rukkus again, he's is pretty tight too. the way i see it MI, Matt Sesso, Rukkus, The rest

Elenu Nla

I know i voted for M.I. but how can Phizzle and AristoKats be doing better than Rukus? even Matt Sessoo was better dan dem..just a bit angry.

internet voting is a binsh!


doesnt seem this poll will make sense till after a week or so....cos some pple wouldve called their families to come

Mola OG

lol@ cos some pple wouldve called their families to come vote


wow very surprised to see matt sesso guy at the bottom. thought he did great


My pick:
1. Rukus
2. MI
3. Matt Sesso & Aristokrats (in Naija terms, bracket-bracket... lol)

5. Phizzle.

Notice the space between Phizzle and the rest. It was SOOOOOO intentional.


lol @ nkiru....well come to think of it, nkiru prali dont speak yoruba


well, I will be honest as ever..

@rukus...its not a freestyle cos he too logical and methodical..he must have sat down written and rehearse da so called freestyle was not a freestyle cos he was too composed and he even had time to modify da beat..

as far as am concerned...its between matt sesso, aristocrat and phizzle

the best freestyle is clearly from da Aristocrats...big up to matt sesso and phizzle for doin a real freestyle.

word to rappers, u dont take listenners for a ride by calling a well rehearsed rap session a freestyle..peace out


@tmonei: You got a point. Everybody's calling any song that's not intended for their album a "freestyle." Personally, I don't think none of these things was freestyles.

Matt Sesso's verse was fierce, but his delivery is hampered by his voice - he has a minor speech defect that gets in the way. So, for authored verses, M.I. wrecked it, Rukus wrecked it, Matt Sesso wrecked it (Yo, Mola, we need more info on kid, he's fresh!)

The rest are scrubs. M.I. got my vote by a hair.


1. Matt Sesso
2. Phizzle
3. Rukus
4. MI
5. Aristos

the truth is u all did a great job for real, don mind the comment or the position, jst keep doing your tin.... am a fan of u all now


Its a freestyle and perfection is not really expected. To me, phizzle did his thing, thats more of the naija freestyle shyt. I digs M.I and Rukus too..


1. MI
2. Rukus
3. Phizzle
4. Matt Sesso
5. Aristos

MI and Rukus killed it-No Long thing

MI:"People say to me,MI Name the best three,Let's see.Me,Me,Me"

Rukus:"The game is well seasoned dont need Sauce(kid)"

Phizzle had appeal and added the Naija Flavour or should i say yoruba flavour to it-"Gutter flow from an Aje Butter"-If you are not yoruba or used to Naija Slang, it can't make sense to you


Matt Sesso killed it hands down.


1. rukus: nice one
2. mi : u still the most wicked mc i know
3. phizzle: nice flow, but u need to be more audible.

4. matt sesso: i like
5. aristokrats: not bad

big up 2 u all....


i don't mean to offend anyone but i think matt sesso's lyrical content is too advanced for many ppl, he might have to "dumb it down".

light years ahead, light years prepared..kill a track so nice i'll make it grateful dead.

that line sums it up

some peeps no know who grateful dead

nice track


lol. nkiru arranged her list by tribe. LOL.

f***ing racist


First off, b4 people start crucifying the artists and saying that this is not a freestyle and all, I wanna ask Mola and Ovie, did any of these artists send u these tracks and called them freestyles???? If they did, they are all lying, none of these are freestyles, don't be fooled by the "coarseness" of some of them (like Matt Sesso and Phizzle).

Having said that, I believed M.I. comes in first place, Rukus comes next...and then the rest


M.I. *****
Rukus *****
then the rest
The Aristokrats ***
Matt Sesso **
Phizzle *


@ Ope, u really shld be ashamed of yourself. 1st u went off on Ovie on the previous post. Now u're insulting a lady?? Are u crazy?? Friggin' hell!!! What a tout, u are!!! U need 2 learn 2 be disciplined... even for a moment. Act like u were "reared" well by ur parents.
Btw, the word is not racist; its tribalist, and I don't see how she is one.

Drac Omoh

I'd always doubted d MI guy but after listening to all,i conclude dat he's "used their heads" to shine in dis one.He obviously stands out and has impressed on dis one.I will not thumb up for him but will vote twice!


@ tolu. ODE BURUKU. it was all a f***ing joke. racist just sounded

nah i never went off on ovie...and i dont think i wanna go off on u either...but now it seems both u and ovie need to get laid


@tolu...another & u can brawl and abuse ourselves well well on here cos we're visitors...but all i was telling ovie was that as an author on this blog...its only right for him to hold back a bit on strong opinion & his boss Mola and if he wants to drag himself to our level & roll in the mud with us...thats cool too


i think this is a difficult selection to make cos all these guys have their own style, so what ever one makes as his choice has to do with the style of rap that person goes for... thankfully we have all kinds of rap there, from the naija stylee to the western one... so guys good luck on your selection as for me... i like dem all.. even though i have only known M.I for sometime and he really has not disappointed, but then he should take it slowly, his songs are becoming too much and can only get boring if he does not take his time. Peace Out!!!

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