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January 14, 2009



since nobody wants to comment let me go first.

I like the video quality, definately the right banger for his album. However the dance with the "head motion" looked superficial, na be by force 2baba...

people can get away with music videos that have no story line these days, just call ur pals, throw some good lookn chicks and pop bottles i guess.

Back to what i said earlier, i've always like the song so apart from the video quality(lights, camera, clothes, cars & scenes, shot in London)there is nothin about the video that stands out for me


its a party jam must it hv a complicated story line? enter the place (cLUB). I LIKE D VIDEO. Its a lot beta than any of his videos....


its a party song, what else should we expect than dancing and hot girls??? Plus what story line can "enter the place" have?? He's coming out with another video pretty soon, according to him its complete "Go Down There" with sway... if that doesn't have a good story, then we have reason to complain but for now lets enjoy the drinking out of the bottle and the pretty young things in this video


The video is really nice, very good loving it man, its really nice to groove to at a party, i see some kind of mini theme dance there. Love the music sa another jam to whine too. Lovely Tuface and that Sound sultan really doing there thing. loving it


Wasn't it this song that made Kemistry lose her Anyways, I nevr liked the song but this video...tu face really invested his money in a video of high quality.
Finally a video shot in jand widout them oyibo chicks.


look peeps..I will call it as it is...2face is not doing it for me...he has lost da magic ...creaativity zero....with all is exposure he came up wit a shit, am yet to get over his fake collabo wit R kelly...he wake up and stop da marketing gimicks from kenni's days...he should just pack it up and invest his money in upcoming talents...all dats left for 2face is hype, nothing more interested in upcoming guys like YQ,whizkid, dagrin, MI, bigiano, sauce kid, chuddy k..


well, my eyes are now open..i dont know about y' not playa hating..wit all da hype of african queen he should be reepping wit big labels like convict, sony, Interscope etc....Faze is more talented as far as am concerned witout da marketing gimmicks...till today we dont know who to credit for african queen...lies upon eye don tear


The guy is advising guys to "hook up with the girl with the biggest behind" in the same breath as he shouts "Praise the Lord".

*shakes head*

na wa oh.

For some reason, the shouting in the chorus throws me off and just doesn't come across right to my ears. Other than that its a nice song and of course, Sound Sultan did a good job. Yes, the video was well made as well. Whoever made it deserves some serious hand claps.


video making is not about going to london or southie...posing wit big ben, oyinbo girls or bling bling...its all about creativity, plot, good camera and camera angle shots...check out H20 naira video...simple yet effective...good camera shot and good plot..naija peeps open ur is all about creativity and versatility..and not dum gbedum gbedum beats only

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