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January 12, 2009



The costumes and video quality is quite strong. The artist so fails to emm . . "thrill!" His vocals do not carry the exciting beats and the lyrics = weak.

I also thought it was a bit too long to wait till almost 4mins and 18secs before he begins making way to to the ultimate prize. I think it felt so long because he lacked room presence or powerful vocals. He was just there.

With such rich textures both from the elaborate costumes of the girls, the interior designs and the bed furnishings, M.Thrill needed to do just that, "Thrill!"not get swallowed in all that decorations, textures and vibrant colors.

Quality video, quality production, great costumes but very weak vocals and performance by artist. He does not sell the song.

Thumbs down for the artist.
Thumbs up for the video quality & production.



I'm not sure that I like the song. I thought it was going to be good, but something is lacking for my ear. Also, the video (after I fast forwarded a couple times) seems a little recycled. Though I do like the collabo with a Ghanaian singer.

BTW, is he Nigerian? I saw the pic of Mandela and the other guy in the beginning but didn't see any reference to Naija (not that there need be). I guess he's reaching out to SA. That can't hurt.

Anyway, good luck to him. e no easy.


OOH I saw this video yesterday but I wasn't impressed. I thought they wasted a lotta time in the song n LadyBrille already said it. I like his flow sha. Although the song has this ghana thingy in it which I like.


i no get time for fake MCs like dis..i no fit shout..


love this track. will play it all day.The video is way different from the norm of Nigerian videos and that makes it stand out.The lyrics are really nice. love it

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