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January 29, 2009


Ms Ifeanyinwa

Again great video by igho. I know Durella is popular in Naija, but i just can't get over the D'Banj photocopy. When you have the opportunity to do music, the least you can do is create an original product, not knock off someone else's style. Beat sounds like Don Jazzy though, so maybe it's all love.


Good video.. but i just cannot stand the way this guy bites off Dbanj mehnnn!! It's begining to get really annoying.. Ahh ahh wetin? this guy should get an award for biting.. I have never seen anyone do it so well .. overall good video but i tire for the unoriginality.


Samuel K

I think he's beginning to come out of the "D'banj" phaze. It's rily sad if he did it before d'banj and d'banj blew up before him. But oh well. I still gbadun the slangz pass skibanj. too gbayi, too gbaski, wiskolo wiska. anh! anh! enemies!!!

funsho lekan

guy it is dbanj that jackd durella and that is the FACT about this matter...dbanj just blew up before y should the guy chng the way he does his gbadun the vid jor....


Sounds very much and reminds of D'Banj.
Nevertheless, I don't know enough about the artist to conclude that he is stealing the work of D'Banj.

Indeed at times, some are more fortunate to blow up and be the bomb while others with the same concept and same style are working their way through.

I do like the sound and the energy. I wish he'd put his shirt back on though.



ABEG D'banj n durella don't sound alike in anyway.
Lovely video by igho not all these dark sh1t we be seeing.
Very lively...nice dat he didn't over do nuffin..being in d street n all.
i think its cool.


Stole this, stole that... WTF! Heavy something coming out of 9ja and the enimmies still hate. Hate on... Durella keep it up, this is really really good. Love you man!


durella i gbadun ur song, but please stop copying d'banj, u can never be like him, try to switch ur shit up.


Durella Woskolowiska....Gbabeski!!!


nice vid from durella...I liked da beginning, da way repped wit boys in his hood...I mean da street peeps..

as per dbanj photocopy...if u think deeply, they are different..durella kind of raps with slangs, while dbanj sings....dbanj fashioned his act after fela...

anyways, they are both repping...

Tracy Bryant

DURELLA keep doing ohhh...i dont why they say say u bite of D'banj...Man u are from the slums in mushin.hustlin to get signed..d'banj is in london enjoying runs into don jazzy ..and gets fame.. So the haters say your whole hustle is IS photocopy of his...Even Jesus was hated 2 ...he even was killed and lied on..van u believe that....Jesus Christ

Ms Ifeanyinwa

@ now you're comparing Durella to Jesus? I hope he knows you're his number one fan.
These days, if you say anything negative about an artist, you're a hater. You're not allowed to have an opinion.
You mention his hustle, but not one word about the music. Remember, none of this is personal, it's about artistic merit. Maybe D'Banj blew up before Durella and got lucky, but the cloning is down to the dress sense and swagger.
I will rock this jam in the club cause it ticks all the boxes, but i will forget it as soon as i leave and i think for me, that's my problem with Durella's music. Not original, weak lyrics and not memorable


Weak lyrics.. Enu O se... someone is definately smoking something. Did you listen to the song?

Dress sense? D'banj openly admits to dressing like fela... Durella dresses like every other Lagos boy with a fashion sense. You have a problem period. Durella just repped again. And you know what, I LOVE HIM for it. The hustle ain't easy and he is more than holding his own.

2gbaski 4 real. And yeah good work TC Rerocds and IGHO.


Durella is too mad! You have to give props where it's due. The problem with Nigerians is we get stuck/comfortable with what we know and we are not open to change or something different. Durella is different, he sounds like Dbanj? so what? Durella actually RAPS, Dbanj not soo much...all these comparisons need to stop, there is more than enough room for 2 at the top! Even Dbanj and Durella have squashed their beef so why is it the fans who are still "beefing"? Abeg Durella u are 2gbaski!! Keep doing ur thugtizzle!!!! And awon Enemies...Ku da nu!!!! lol


Whats all these talk about enemies? thers alot more stuff out there to dispense energy on rather than become 'durella's enemy' ..Plizzzz No one has said the bloke hasn't got style or isn't a good artist.. but this isn't rocket science or sum sorta astro-physics for it to become another debate.. this guy is biting of D'banj period! enuff of this tiddler talk about D'banj blowing up on a technique durella started.. it just doesnt make sure they barely even knew each other.. but gud video anyway

Tracy Bryant

@ Ms. Ifeayinwa..Tell one artist these days that is original the answer is No. from hip hop the 9ja music to r&b evrybody steals... Jay-z steals from every that has died...The only original musicians are all dead..its no lie is the way why does HATING have to be your opinion on a musicians Music..Tell me...
@Tmonie i see u only support Yoruba Artists????




@Word. Did you do any research on the issue, or you are just blowing HOT Air. D'banj and DonJ came to Lagos, and hooked up with Durella. I mean, where there hell do you think D'banj got file! from, East London??? And yes there is a Tongolo Remix featuring Durella.

Have you ever heard D'banj answer a Durella question? You dumb ass fans that can't get into your headS that yes Durella reminds of your boy, but they are still every different. They do their thing and you should just do yours.

You don't like Durella, that one nah for your pocket, but dude get of that copying sh*t like you helped write his songs.

BTW, DonJ writes D'banj song, sweet potatoe and all.


tmonei me, abeg....


YES!! FINALLY a video shot in Lagos. newaes, its a good track, whether or not he sounds like dbanj. they evn collabo'd in a track!


Durella's Shite!!! Copy cat!


That durella whatever he calls himself all i no is that he is copying dbanj


Durella is a copy cat cause when you listen attentively to both durella and dbanj's songs you will no by the sound of dbanj mr durella copied it by the voice durella copied durella is just a photocopy durella you are a copy cat original one


Durella is a copy cat cause when you listen attentively to both durella and dbanj's songs you will no by the sound of dbanj mr durella copied it by the voice durella copied durella is just a photocopy durella you are a copy cat original one


Durella is a copy cat if you want to sing use your own voice and not Dbanj's voice or other peoples voice cause it's getting annoying he copied the way the dbanj sings his voice so that durella is own fans can never be as much as Dbanj's fans this durella that is just being a copy cat Dbanj is getting more money than he does then what is this durella's stress all about oh so that you too will become popular like dbanj and thats never possible.

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