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January 16, 2009



Feeling it.

You just can't beat artists that understand the importance of keeping the sounds local and unique yet coming very heavy on the international appeal. The beats are tight.

Thumbs up!



Hmmm....this suspect he beefin wid? Compared to ruggedy's pidgin rap this is way betr. The second guy sounds really cool.
I like this song, can I get a downloading link please???

Elenu Nla

DUDE! I definitely agree. the dun ke dun ke beats are disgusting!

Mola OG

Tha Suspect, u no sell out ma guy, go mainstream and stack ur money...

Decent track!

Ovie O

@ bsb, pls try adding an email to your next post. Believe me, it helps... besides, it won't show up on the actual post.

Abagun Abisoye

WORD!!! i send u too


na true, sha..beat masters need to be more creative..


I love music but i hate angry niggers...quoting nas "leave beef alone slowly"...beef is a sign of weakness, jealousy, being intidated and stalls creativity....lets keep it clean so dat naija hiphop can grow, aight!

nevertheless, suspect is repping hard i like dat...naija style

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