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January 15, 2009



With all due respect, this is probably one of the weakest raps I have heard in a while. To say 'they need to work on their creativity more than anything else' is a nice way to put it Mola G.

Skunkwerz and Matt Sesoo, the competition is too stiff, yes even in the Naija music industry, for this. STEP ON it, in it, at it or else be out.



ENNNHHH!!!!Anodr version of Fabolous' Round n Round. This song coulda been way betr than this. It just sounds weak, boring but I like the chorus and the lyrics.
Okay this matt sesoo's solo is boring...wat da..? soundin like dem boys from secondary school.
At the end. They can rap and have a nice flow as Mola said...would like to hear more from 'em.

Elenu Nla

Hater is the favorite word in this camp oh!

sha... If i talk now, them go say i be hater.

good luck to you guys


ok so i just listened to this matt guy's freestyle on the gbono feli beat. i don't trust these guys with these other tracks they have put out. it feels like smoke screen to me, lol cos clearly guy is waaay better. what does he mean "when the thing land? abi i dey think too deep? lol

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