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January 21, 2009


Mola OG

Her voice... i love it!

Elenu Nla

Her VOICE is impeccable. i think she might need doper production. more like instrument stuff.


sexy baby! how old is she? I want to marry her

Mola OG

@ Elenu Nla I concur, in order for her to become bigger, she may need to add other producers to her team... the production on this song is decent though, but like u said, Live instruments would definitely blend very well with her voice...

@Rotimi File, wettin u de yarn o, leave that girl o, na me be her man!...

Elenu Nla

if i start rubbing King David in public and you people complain. I GO WHOOOOZ SOMEBODY!

Ovie O

LMAO @ Mola! U're a fool 4 that one, bro. U don turn kokomaster, shey? If na Simisola go make us quarrel, I ready o! Leave my future ex-wife alone.
@ Rotimi, infact.... make I no talk. lol.
@ Elenu, lol. Oya go and rub KING DAVID now. Hope u can cook sha. Cos... I'm sure u remember his line on the "excuse me" song about naked women... lol.


Lol i have been a way for to long. I do like this chick and her voice is definitely different. Mola really agree with you, reminded me of Asa but she is still different from Asa at the same time. Production of the music not too bad, but i think she needs to go a little lower on the sound. All in all she did a great job. Ok Ovie, your future ex-wife.......Hmmmm interesting.

Elenu Nla

when King David has Elenu Nla naked in the kitchen, he won't be concerned with any kind of cooking.

Deji D

I went to high school in the town where she is from, so i have an advantage over y'all! she will be mine! lol.
I hope she puts out an album real soon 'cuz i love her songs.


Lmao @y'all.
I actually listened till d end knowing d fact dat I dont like slow songs.
She's got a very lovely voice. I'd love to hear more from her.


Wow... I'm not really a big fan of high pitched voices... But she played it off on this one! So Kudos to her... (Talk about Naija Chipmunk reminds me of Ngwa Praise or something like that...)

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


I heard her perform at Daystar for crossover service and her voice was superb!...I think she actually sounds better live than in this track...


omg i love this song! i heard it a yle back. i've been away for way too long. ummm... download link please?

Ovie O

@ Kriticque, here's the link. U certainly have been away for too long. Welcome back!

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