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January 25, 2009



nice beef track from sheyman...I dont like glorifying beef, but I think its High time artist started holding each others back cos nobody knows da next act who is gonna need to mention names..

as per sheyman, he deserves watever he has got interms of accolade cos he has paid his dues...must also add dat he has really improved cos i know him when he started...big up sheyman...

Elenu Nla

i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

iyalaya wonnnnnnn!

waka waka!!!!


Is it me, or is that a Beyoncé beat? (Ok, I know it's not, but it sounds like one - and you know what I'm talking about.)

Good production, good voice. Still don't care for it, though.



It's just thurr..nuffin important

Elenu Nla

Oluseyi, are u thinking of naughty girl? or d one she did w/ usher?

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