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January 10, 2009


Samuel K

elenu nla where u @..i'm waiting for u to comment b4 i talk ma ish. abi u noh dey blog for wknd? lol


Oluwasaucekibaba.. aka baba-lo-la baba tu ti pada,im still a big big fan bruh.. gr8 work.. we don't expect anything less..keep doing your thing


damn..that shit so wack.....
"i'm hotter than a sun flower"?.....pleez...du.. step ur game up sun!

Ovie O

Not bad!
I like his reference to the Crips and Blood gangs. Nigerians may not understand it much but its tite.
Kudos, Sauce!


@ prince.. it's just a metaphor.. i don't see anything wrong with that..

tunde b

damn sauce kid actually has some haters. now we await sauce kid's pr Otunba to give us a lecture on how sauce kid is doing big things for naija music by naming his album "african american" LOL.

Elenu Nla

Samuel K. Because I don already yarn say I be woman you just dey chase me up and down for blog. Where Ovie, abeg come teash me that free me in Urhobo again.

YANJAME'O!!! lol

overall, d ting no bad nah. good shit sauce. hunger dey waya me, i wan filet meyon.


baba ti pada sogba. owo o dogba. confirm. shogunro dey your end. nice show at shogunro carnival. sauce kid kileld the stage. no other artist could perform again. live

Samuel K

Elenu i just dey tasi u o. u no u be my guy any day any time. track is aiight. nothing too hyped. i like some stuff he said on it.


sauce kid..for real dis kid is da king of punchline..dat intro is da shiznit..better appreciate sauce..some foreign record company gonna snap him up soon..he is clearly better than those yankee rappers dem..sauce keep representing naija wit ur unique swagga..


am da proof, no vacancies in my booth..put a slicing in ur flows righteous, am like td jakes..expose wheree u launch at..u ar second best cos u second guess..I dont hear dis wack rappers, wat u saying umm...people, dis is an anthem right here


sauce is so sick, y'all..dis is a f@£King anthem right here, people...too much punchline..da intro is crazy...da beat is crazy..crazy delivery so righteous, just like td jakes..they can see from da proof no vacancy in my booth..put a slice in ur on point cos am appointed by da street..bang u in da afternoon, expose where u launch at..u're second best cos u second guess...I dont hear dis wack rappers wat u saying umm...crazyyyyy joint


sauce kid...watchout for this kid..killer intro..killer beat..killer punchline..da guy na ambassador indeed..real hiphop heads gonna feel this shiznit...whether you like it or not, sauce just dropped an flows righteous like td jakes...they can see from da proof no vacancy in my booth...i dont hear dis wack rappers wat u saying dis shit


omo u love am gan o. sauce kid is on point no question. i love what he's doing. the album go make major sense. this is the real gutter, grimey sauce kid fro mthe mixtape flows. if u have not listenend to the we fly high joint on the mixtape pick that up. the guy just dey vex all over the track. this joint suppose get remix and video


if u know right then do right
fo i throw this beef at you liek we at a food fight

im the best, u 2nd best bcoz u 2nd guess.
this rap shit is my house, 2day, u my 2nd guest.
and i dey vex, i flex like who da F is next.
im so hood like d caprice wit the S & S

wow. i cant shout


Some MADass lyrics mehn. F**k IT !! Sauce Kid KILLED dis song DAMN!! To think it's just a freestyle. wer can I get this song??
Wen will he release d album. Som1 shud bring dis to jand PLEEAASE.
The endin was irritatin to me. "Wat u sayin hunh"??


wat you saying huh?
i dont hear these fake rapping niggers jor.
so wat u sayin huh? lol
its a rap


i'm not sauce' biggest fan but i like this...

otunba balogun

this track is featured off the upcoming mixtape Street Scriptures. Produced by Exo from the knighthouse Family.

also look out for Da finest featuring Sauce KiD and Teeto.
Video was directed by Clarence Peters. Video should be dropping soon

For all questions, enquiries, booking
(234) 08033866099
Otunba Balogun
Sauce KiD PR


wow. so this is the airplane mode song. could not find it on this website. sauce kid was promoting this website on eko fm. couldnt find this song on here. nice sturvvs tho


sauceki...did his thang as usual, as expected.

alex folabi

sauce kid is in a league of his own. i was at th video shoot for the finest and that guy is correct swaggerized. all the hating here does not seem real to me. sauce kid has real life fans.


no mind people wey get bd belle fo sauce kid. they don know him assumptionis all dey do. as long as an artist make good music i like them.

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