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January 24, 2009


Mola OG

I am not a huge dancehall fan so I can't really judge if he still has a chance... but I will say he has nothing on Pype and Wizkid in my book...

Ovie O

lol @ "...nothing on Pype or Wizkid..." I dont think anyone can argue with that. He was good 4 a minute tho (not sayin he isn't good now). I'm just hopin he still has some fans out there... bsb made reference to him on the Kefee post, so.... who knows??

Elenu Nla

Naija people and what they know of dancehall disturbs me small sha.

this guy's CRAZY! the material might sound playedout (fire fire), but place this on a band during carnival somewhere, insert some trinidad and tobago nationalism stuff in there, and it's OVER! this song is hotter than some crap jamo artists drop sef.

its got the soca + dancehall vybe to it. LOVE IT!

If I heard this on, i won't have had a clue he was Nigerian. it'll be nice if he infuses some naija stuff in his work to distinguish himself from them. if that's not his plan, then his sound is perfect!

The Secret Diary (TheSecretDiary)

Fabulous. He was right to break away. Online promotion is easy - very easy. Read my blog and know what I'm talking about...

~ R4Biz

Ovie O

@ TSD, thanx 4 stopping by the blog. I'm currently watching Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala's video on yours (
The "Air Travel Tip" is really amusing. Keep it up.


Yeah the songs a'aight but dudes voice just irritates me errtime...
I wish him gdluck...I really wonder if he's gonna sell after he cursed out keffee n her ex...dey must hav probably used jazz on
godforbid..he'l a'aight


@ ovie: I saw wat u wer talkin bout but it doesn't appear wen am signd in n it's not highlighted wen am signed out.
Anyways Ioono if wat I did was dumb..I just put d name n d email addy thurr. So if u don't see it pls give me a detailed explanation of wat to do...cuz I need to get that to think dat i recorded it on my fone b4 I left gidi

Ovie O

@ bsb, just go ahead and email Mola will 4ward ur email 2 me. Then we can send u stuff. Howz that?

nzewi amaral jnr

Ryyyyyyymzo.keep it up broda.give dem OVADOSE RASTAMAN.BURN DEM TO ASHES man.cant wait 4 d album 2 drop.

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