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January 24, 2009


Mola OG

dude has a different sound... it is somewhat enjoyable, but I may need to listen to the songs a few more times to really confirm that I really dig it... I think Huey sent me info on Reminisce a week or so ago.

His sound is not the cliche/popular sound that we are almost getting tired of, so he may stand a chance, but he may have to convince the general public with more songs until he gets that one strong HIT! For now though lets go with Hit It!

LOL @ "ur fada" at the end of the first song

Elenu Nla

i like d first track.

love d bonus one even more. guess its Jah-Bless.


Reminisce! I lov dis one chance song. Thank u notjustok! evn doh d song is old...Djay humility used to play dis like crazy..he mixd dis song wid ogbonefelifeli n it turned out sick! Lol @ "sm dey shack squady men I go shack acid" I love dat part.


Alright d nigboro song is coooooooolllll!!!
Reminisce! I so lov dis dude.


Not bad. Overall okay. The beats are what I am really digging.

Yikes! Are his nails seriously that long?

Couldn't help but notice it.


dj skillz

arogun masa baba
$ur head scatter for train station

la wowa


oh my goodness!!

I can't even begin to listen to the track as I am overly distracted by how long this dude's finger nails are. Am I the only one seeing this? What in the good lord's name is that all about? Guys still grow out their nails? Mehn, his nails are longer than mine and that is just not a good look, unless there is some sort of medical or religious reason for it.

Since I have a choice, I choose to wait until this man cuts his nails and accepts proper grooming in his life before I listen to his music. What's his name again?

I. just. cant.



Awwww sooowwwy its DJAY MIDAS dat did d crazy mix on dat one chance song.

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