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January 25, 2009


Elenu Nla

ps...that thing 2 d left w/ d votes, its kinda sad cuz people'll vote for dia friend(S) and leave it alone.

datz 1 thing i hate about internet votes when it comes 2 awards..etc.

wo...whoever recruits friends 2 come vote for dem....friends don't buy albums. friends dont = good music. work on your craft. focus on the right thing.


Its phizzle in d buildin....another mad flow from u!!

Mola OG

@deji, I appreciate you stopping by the blog, but let us not throw insults at anyone just because they have a conflicting opinion with yours...
I happen to like this freestyle, I think one of the reasons some people are not feeling it could be because they can't really make out what Phizzle is spittin on the freestyle... it took me 3 listens before I could really figure out what he was saying...
Dude had fun with the track more than anything else.





oluseyi just dey talk oyinbo...LOLOL


in my opinion phizzle's still stands out as a more regular naija omo boy track...the rest just dey form foreigner

gutter flow from an aje butter
lati felele, de ring road
all the way to jericho

some of u commenters have no clue where those places are

doesnt get realer than that.

and for all of u talking about no seemed he was talkin about himself all thru...after all the title means "IM HOT". chai pple dey over analyze freestyle sha.

also...i cant stand the amount of pple rukus mentioned in his...a bit kiss assy


@ Mola, when u need to listen to a song 3 times or more to like it, then its not really a good song. I saw a term a while back on this blog which I adopted... "getusedtoitability." Every average song has that. Maybe u are simply being a nice moderator/author on your blog, maybe u truly like it, who knows? But the fact still remains that this song should not be mentioned in the same breathe as those of MI and Rukus.
I was impressed when u said Dee Bee had no stage presence @ that show, or Sheyman & Dr. Pat were lazy song writers on "Hotter dan fire." All that was perfectly true. Even top US/UK website authors criticise some of their own posts. Its the true essense of being a top blogger/website co-ordinator. There's room for improvement.


@ Ovie, I feel u. I'm sure some pple would like to shoot u 4 being real, but that's the point: being real. I've been reading your comments on so many posts (aside the ones u post yourself), and 9 out of 10 times, its spot on. From Harry Baba of Trybe X, to Sauce Kid's Otunba Balogun, to ND, to Aristokrats, and now this, u've spoken... and spoken well. I think u complement Mola very well... one is outspoken, the other threads the middle ground. Mola is understandably lenient. Good job, guys! notjustOk is BANGING!!!


@ Oluseyi, believe it or not, I actually knew the 1st day you came on the blog. I think it was around Sept or October. Ur comments always stand-out. And just like Ovie, 9 out of 10 times, they're spot on. My only beef with you is your hate for my sweet boo, Banky W.(I still can't believe u called that Independence song with ID Cabasa "weak") lol. That aside, with my seemingly "limited understanding of the English Language," I can tell u also think this song is not what that is.
Man, I miss the good ol' days of having to read comments from the likes of Wienna, Sisi Blu, sdotgang, ola and co. notjustOk was like a family. Now, lousy boys from all & sundry have flocked this place. I guess that's the by-product of growth.

DJ Africa

This is simply a case of Music FANS vs Phizzle, friends and family. He sounded like he was smoking "that good sh*t" while rapping. "free of style" really explains it.
If he and his friends end up buyin his music, and playin it all by themselves in their lonely ipods, maybe he'll be happy with that. I know I won't be playin this anywhere near a gig.


Well Kid flows on beat quite well. Swags there...Could make out a few lines. Its freestyle, hes got his style. Whose to say hes the finest? Whose to say hes not? Kid raaaan tru it. Dats wat matters.


deji d

i swear the dumbest statement ive heard in my life over and over in different forms is "go and do your own"...i can't rap and dats why i have a day job. people like me who cannot rap should refrain from polluting the airways. ha! just had to, back to being civil. :D

omo fizzy

abeg let talent shine jo. y una just dey hate on a brotha's flow.


I loved it, and anyone who didnt can have theirs uploaded so it can be constructively critisised. Rapping seems to be a fun thing for this guy since he already has an MSc, he's not taking it like government work. It sounds like a freestyle not a carefully constructed track and i can say it sounds better than some so called stars. PHIZZLE is da BOMB!!! Gutter flow from an aje butter.... nice

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