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January 25, 2009


Ovie O as in again!
Mola, 4give me 4 yabbing dis dude, but.... Don Jazzy sef go shame to collect royalty from dis guy.
As dem put fish for aquarium, crayfish sef wan enter... just cos e name end with fish.
'Nuff said.

funsho lekan

anoda one.......hmmmmmmmmmmmm

funsho lekan



@ Ovie you sound like you need to get laid.

You need 2 respect yourself a bit more as an author on this blog.

freestyle aint that bad....need 2 listen 2 all the others again tho. Mola pls help us

9ja's OT

omo what is wrong with this guy, i think he was high or something, just yarning rubbish and all over the place,
no concept,
no sensible talk
his rhymes suck
stupid cuss words
rubbish yoruba yarns
he is lame like the flame he claims to aim at.....OMG, wackest track since baba fryo...i want to continue but i am so upset.
which energy? he should go and drink Zobo or something....

Ovie O

@ ope, trust me, this is nothing personal. Besides, I don't see how my opinion affects others. I may spend more time reviewing a bunch of materials b4 they get posted, but I'm still just a music fan like yourself, afterall.
Its a bit of a shame when pple jump on the popular bandwagon just cos they see it as a free ride to fame.
After a while it DOES get old. At this rate, we'll probably see 30 more Feli freestyles b4 Valentine's Day... when more than half of them are actually "free of style."
As someone else said on a previous post, if we need 2 hear more verses on the same beat, why don't we hear from the ladies? There's more than enough testosterone on the track by now.
Betterstill, if these "i'm hot & u're not" rappers really want 2 stake a claim by spittin 16 bars on a classic naija beat, why don't they try the likes of Gongo Aso (Tonestar made a decent attempt)... or 2face's Nfana Ibaga (even Beenie Man had 2 jump on it)... or...infact... the list is endless. At least, show some creativity, even on a jacked beat!
Rukus started sumthin which has turned out to be ingenious. Its time to let it rest.
What's next on queue?
Once again, my opinion's my opinion. I'm sure some pple would disagree. Its allowed.


Ovie theres no referee or judge in this game...if 50 rappers decide to all get on a beat its cos the beat is sick and worthy of all that attention. even Mi said thats the hottest beat he heard in 2008. every era or period in time in every rap industry will have some beats like allow pple. if more guys do it...fine...if girls do it...still fine...if no girl does it...still fine.

for all we know Mi might not even have heard Rukus version before doin lets not give anyone unneccessary glory here. gbono feli feli is public material....and if don jazzy isnt complaining....i dont see y u are. if this was yankee ull see like 4-5 rappers on each version of d track

abeg my naija rappers....more gbono feli feli jare


@Ovie...Phizzle killed it...I think da guy is hotter than people u think ar hot...its a freestyle man, its about saying watever comes to ur mind...freestyle is sumthin spontaneous not planned ....I dont know Phizzle but his did his thin and its worthy of consideration, let it rest man...
@ ovie, I think u av a problem wit him coming from ibadan not his skills, get over it, man...maintain is IB as not from ibadan, I reside in da UK....
@ Mola out for critics out to settle scores on ur blog..great Job, man..

tmonei waitng for sauce kid to do something to dis beat b4 I vote...cant get his aeroplane mode outta my head...dat was da best freestyle av heard in ages...

Ovie O

"@ ovie, I think u av a problem wit him coming from ibadan not his skills, get over it, man...maintain is IB as not from ibadan, I reside in da UK....
@ Mola out for critics out to settle scores on ur blog..."

Its funny u shld say that tmonei. I've never had issues with any artist based on their location/hometown or what not. Neither do I have a need 2 "settle scores." If I did, I'd probably go rap like they all do. Maybe u shld go re-read this post, and see if i REALLY have beef with IB-boys...

If I hear a Phizzle song that I like, trust me, It'll be up on the blog in a heartbeat. That's how it works. I don't get paid 2 do what I do, neither do I expect a backlash from any1 for airing my views. U guys are making it seem like the world came crashing down on Phizzle cos Ovie criticised him. Its not that serious, bro.
If u noticed, I didnt respond to your actual analysis, even tho u mentioned my name... u have ur own right to criticise, if u so choose.
Looking 4ward to enjoyin more of ur comments, like the one on the Iyanya post.


@ovie...didnt mean to dump on u or get personal...keep dropping dem words man...we all av a common goal of keeping artist on their toes..later


Damn... the guy is GOOD.. simple.. made it fun, made sense with his words... come on... I think its actually my fav so far.

Ovie, maybe you should listen again.


Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?-Jay Z Renegade

I think you all need to chill and Listen to the Lyrics and it is a freestyle,And dont make up your mind before listening.I know you can hear the song But Listen to it then Judge. Some of the stuffs i heard on the freestyle are quite good such as:

Gutter flow from an Aje Butter

I am crack cocaine i fuck with your brain
feels so good so you never complain

I am flier than a full grown maggot
I an Higher than a junkie pilot

Dont try this at home, i am the stuntsman for the dangerous flow

After M.I. and Rukus, this is the third best for me

Elenu Nla

i love his voice
i love the sounds..."hmmmm"..lmao
he really aint saying much of anything. lol. sounds like a proper freestyle. senseless. actually, i LOVE IT! he reminds me of this dude yesi(kabiyesi) who's also an ibadan boy w/ less sense. lol. LMAO! flyer than a full grown maggot.
i LOVE IT though! lol
i LOVEEE his voice. lmao. There's something about his swag. crap lyrix or not. he appeals. he's very mad. At least it doesn't sound like he took this thing 2 seriously or wrote a 32 then dropped it after 20 retakes.

Elenu Nla bad...YESI has a shit load of sense. that was a mistype.


Oluseyi sides with Ovie. This was trash. All of you who think Ovie is "hating" on dude because he voiced his opinion are addled; he's a FAN, and as a FAN he has a right to state what he likes and what he doesn't. Artists put their music out in the hopes that FANS - like Ovie - like it.

The song was trash. Dude's rhymes didn't even rhyme most of the time, he just "encouraged" it into place. His cadence is weak, his structure is simplistic, his command of meter is poor, I detected no consonance and minimal assonance...

I mean, really?

Oluseyi returns to observing from a distance.

Elenu Nla

If anyone refers 2 any1 who drops dia opinion as a hater, they're very wrong.

ma cpl kobos!


@oluseyi...does dis guy know da diference between freestyle and a proper studio recording...I think not..

consonance and commentary


I agree with Ovie and 1st time with Oluseyi!

Like I said before on the other posts... I seriously don't think we all hear da same shit... He tried sha.. but it ain't what y'all folks are forcing it to be!

It didn't work for me!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


well, it seems to me like dude was tryna be playful with his rhymes, but even with that, he ddnt seem to have a concept around his playful lyrics, jst seemed to be all over the place.... but i must say it was at least a decent attempt, maybe not the best


I just think d dude was confused lol..probably gathered all his rhymes since he was in primary skul n put it in dis song.
It's a freestyle doh so he has d right to say watevr he likes but mehn...his voice aint evn workin 4me. Poor lyrics.
Anh anh.. Very saaaad. smh

deji d

i'm all for letting new talent shine, but this beat just wasn't for this guy. maybe he should try again

Ogunlade Samuel(Ig)

phizzle phizzle phizzle, its only u dat can make a track bring more steam, d flow was sick!!!!!!!


every ones was solid, nice one phizzle, MI, rukus and matt sesso. big ips to u guys and the main man don jazzy for the beat

all haters shld go do dere own ooooo awon ode like ovie.


from lekki to roundabout? wat roundabout, phizzle.. ehn? mushi? lol no mind mi..

nice one!! luv it.. it was fun listenin to lol

as for d haters (jus as timaya sang it) thunder go fire their mama and their papa


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