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January 21, 2009


Mola OG

The beat is different, has that rock feel to it.. I must mention here again that Vector sounds like Jigga... it might just work for him or not.. u never know what the market will respond to.

Paul Play did his thing on the forever track too, slower track...



Sound like Jigga no doudt, but the boy spits and that must matter most. Been looking for him as since I heard him spit on this:

For me, his best so far.

Elenu Nla

lol @ its not even a hit. It's just a Paul Play Listen. I've heard a lot of Vector stuff lately on another website, and I must say I LOVE the boy. He's very skilled. Yes, he sounds like jay z spit him out his mouth.

YO! is dis paul play? i thot he did only slow love songs and dat kinda stuff.

I'm not an Illbliss fan sha.


@ the 1st song....WTF?

Elenu Nla

rotimi what u have a problem with? "wtf" doesnt cut it here even if u feel its APPARENT crap. lol.

*ps...yes, I know I've committed d same offense a number of times.

Deji D

The first song just didn't do it for me. I'm kinda tired of the whole "naija nas, naija usher" etc. if i wanted to hear something that sounded like someone, i would listen to the originator of that style.
Paul Play's - Forever is great!


The song is just ther. Vector dude can spit tho. Am really surprised at Paul he not too old for dis kinda??
The forever song is outdated now..anyways I liked it wen it came out.


Forever is a great song and one of my favorites from Paul but it is quite played out and Paul is overdue for a new album.

Secondly, The title says "Paul Play feat" Vector and Ill Bliss. So, why is it more of Vector and Ill Bliss featuring Paul Play? Further, what purpose were the kids voices serving here? Please reference the proper use of children in a hip-hop track via Jay-Z 'Hard knock life.'

This track is confusing and lacks direction. What are you trying to communicate Paul? Where is your voice? Not very good use of other talents and children here.

First cardinal rule, if you are collaborating with someone on your track, they do not and should not dominate your track. They are there to enhance your work not wash you out. See/cross reference Ruggedy Baba featuring 9ice as a good example to follow.


james omojola

i want to sign vector to my record label

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