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January 07, 2009


Elenu Nla

ND needs lyrical help. I like his voice though. I'd really like to hear it without the t-pain shege. the guy he featured - thumbs up!


I think once a particular genre etc of music is introduced into the marketplace, it is at first exciting but as time goes on and many begin to emulate the same formulaic pattern, it becomes hard to truly appreciate music. It also shows a disregard to music consumers. Why would I pick this album up vs that of P-Square etc.

Simply put, from the beats to lyrics and delivery, there needs to be a lot more reworking and originality.

A few points for efforts.



Wow, i have not heard music this good in a long time. i like this ND guy. Does he have an album out? i like the rapper to.


this is hot, very different from all dis gbedu crap we are receiving. uduak u sound silly my guy e be like se u just wan speak english. bush man. Nd do ur thing jare. Who is Matt Sesoo?

Mola OG

@Gidipimp thanx for stopping by the blog and sharing your thoughts. Please let's not attack each other for giving opinions...

However, this song has grown on me even more. it's actually not a bad joint.

"Don't Be Shy, Show Yourself"
I wish ND can put more passion behind his voice so that he can grab the listeners attention on the first listen.


honestly i feel this guy is going to blow up, he is getting better each time while most people are staying thesame or regressing. @ Mola thanks for your comment but sometimes you have to call out rubbish. i just read Uduak's comment and it is confusing all I can gather is ignorance. he doesnt have to like the song but give constructive critcism not ramble about nothing. Genre? what genre? "formulaic pattern"? give me a break. The song even sounds unique in its own way. The rap was on point, very disciplined in its delivery, the singin was good, the hook is catchy, beat is nice. I like it , lets give people props when they deserve it please and not sit at home being arm chair theorists spewing OKPATA.

Elenu Nla

@TheWatcher and Muzik - Artists have to be open to constructive criticism or they'll never grow.

It doesn't mean he actually HAS to listen to us or agree with what we say, but they do have to pay attention to what the "commoners/listeners" think.

Uduak was very precise with his/her criticism. The vocoder thing has been done and OVERdone. We would like to hear the artists voice. The oversimplifyd lyrics are not tickling the fancy of those who actually listen to music for content and not just "gbedu" reasons.

If you're on ND's camp, yes, please support your boy. But other people have opinions too, if he listens, he might win them to his side.

I didn't even diss the fact that he over recycling people's lyrics. or that there isn't anything new/original/unformulaic about the beat?

We should all Respect ourselves.

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