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January 18, 2009



Too boring I even forgot I was listening to it. Thos ppl chillin by d ride weren't needed in d video.
Yeah I remember seeing dis video wen I noticed d Thousands of Africans not being proud thingy... I don't know bout other contries but Nigerians here in jand seem to b really proud.


Nice song and interesting video.... to bsb don't knock these talents... they very alright.


oya, oya, oya! You know I am all for some upliftment and the positive celebration of the continent. Nice to see a shoutout to King Sunny Ade. Nigerian artists are sleeping on the incredible sample opportunities that his music provides. Not until hip hop heads finish using the stuff will we realize that we need to look closer to home for inspiration to make our music sound even more unique.

Anyway, I can freely say I liked the song. Although, the reggae/rap part threw me off. I think I will feature this cat, with a hattip to Notjustok, of course.


no stop it, my long comment didn't post? aaargh!!!!

Anyway, Uncle Mola, you have any contact info for Myme? I notice the guy has no Myspace page, but I'd like to feature him, so please let me know if you have some way of contacting him. Thanks so much!

maggi Ray

i really love his music but i dont know how to send him a personal messange.

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