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January 18, 2009


Elenu Nla

I dont remember when I last heard so much cursing! SHEEESH!
on another note...track is fire. beat is bananaz
and 2nd verse SMASHED d song


Mi Fliss ran rout on the track 'Mola, I posted it a while ago and playing it now got me nodding my head like Will Smith. Sick Sh*t...


Listen to Mi Fliss ft. Lord Of Ajasa - Skiboropopo

shawn c

man dis guy na gangsta yo. he tough pass tupac and biggie nigga


Lol!@ Shawn C. Hilarious.

First what is his background? Did he grow up in Compton, Los Angeles? Is he part of the blood or the crips? Does he roll deep with the suerrenos or the nortes? I'm jes sayin' wuz crackilacking negro? I thought hip-slop was giving way to real hip-hop ala Russell Simmons, Jay-Z and the rest trying to rebrand and redefine it?

He spent his first few minutes just attacking folks. He ought to be charged under the music penal code for a felonious assault and battery, because the thing hit my ear o!, on listeners ears.

I have not the time for non-creative artists. I don't care if they collabo with fiddy. Get your nonsensical NOISEnse and ingredients music ouuta here. Lol!

Lol again at Shawn C. "he tough pass tupac and biggie."



Voice n face don't match...sounding like a tatooed hardcored n*gga looking like a fake ass raz f*ck. I love d 2nd verse. Seriously boppin my head to d song.


Wat d f*ck is Skiboropopo....dude was just popopoing in d song. Lmao...but still, d song is cool. am feelin it. Lord of Ajasa sounds cool.

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