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January 22, 2009



MI did his thing but da beat aint right...dats an excuse a real MC should adapt to any beat....Ekillz, terry da rapman and Naeto C ar my favourite on jimmys jumpoff..


So feeling M.I. I thought the exact thing Tmonei. The beat was off. But, I thought that helped to illustrate that M.I. is indeed talented because he didn't ask for a different beat. He made you zone into him by powerful lyrics and a fun delivery.

What strikes me is creativity. When rappers are truly born with teh gift of words, you hardly hear cursing because they have so much to say and can articulate themselves well. This was good.



Wrote a comment but it is not posting.

In short, he did good. I agree that the beat is off but it emphasizes how good MI is. He didn't ask for a new beat. He made it work.

I also note he is quite gifted with words and has so much to say, there is no room for cursing every other sec. like one of the previous posting of an artist in the past.



Wher did Jimmy Jatt get dis beat from? Did he make it? What d f*ck? Anyways M.I. adapted perfectly well DAMN!! Mehn if Mode 9 shud flop godforbid dat..its M.I straight.


What da hell are y'all saying?? That's a lil John Beat and it aint off! Sometimes I just wonder... M.I. is what that is... Said it the very first time I heard him and it wont change!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


@bsb.. I could bet my every dollar in the world that mode9 will definately flop..I've heard him do 'rehearsals' and call it 'freestyle' the only chance he wouldn't is if he comes up with written work.. hes still a good rapper anyway.. but definately not good with un-written freestyle..

this is definately the most unadulterated genuine freestyle on live T.V.. keep it coming M.I!!

Ovie O

A freestyle doesn't get more genuine than this. Mr. Incredible!!!
@ word, I couldn't have said it any better.

lola idije

if this is you guys nest freestyle,then i am in shock,this is just to wack for me.


dis is d worst of M.I ive seen maybe its cos of jimmy jatts beat....M.I is good anyways

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