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January 13, 2009


Elenu Nla

we keep hearing 30,000 sold in 30 mins. how many did he sell after 30 mins? how many did alaba boys sell? either way, i'm a M.I. fan. I don't care if he snore on the track. :D.

I see my favorites
KingDavid - half naked
MI - bear eared

riddim mafia

okay i think i'm a sucka for superficial things.
dere's no one like m. abaga and i've got the swagga/don't know about you but I rhyme with las gidi on my mind in the city on the grind/ your kiddi wanna wine i'm like diddy when i shine/like rashidi yekini in my sublime

whaaaaaatttt!!! that sounded so hot. I probably did not get half of the rhymes correct but that shit sounded soo good lol

tolani arowolo

lol @ riddim mafia. i found this line hot too

and i'm hot u not BOLO/ u can't copy me I solo like isolo


What's up with the album cover?

Mola OG

thanx SDOT... lol I used what I had.


/even Jagz dont mess with me and he's the greatest/....that got me laffing...sick...taking a spin from his brother's (Jesse Jagz) song "greatest"


I must say this blog is up to date, hope you guys get some sleep at least


This the Best Rapper out of Nigeria... period. Album just out full of major cuts and he drops this. MI where can I get a T-Shirt?


I forgot... MolaG, long may you live.

Ovie O

Case closed! MI's a certified madd man!!!


MI is definately the best at the minute.. saucekid raised the bar but he's taken it further .. Im well impressed by this dude.. MolaG.. anychance we could listen to the dance track ft pype..? that was good too


Took a listen to Rukus's version and prefer it. It is undisputed the creativity with words that MI has. I like most of his songs, vocals, delivery etc. I like his work a lot, a lot.

Here, though, I feel he has taken an exciting song of which D'Banj killed it and made it honestly so monotone and uneventful.

I have seen him do more with creativity from the staccato of the beats to voice range. It wasn't there in this instance.

I think I am most content with D'Banj's version. The beat is tight and the original lyrics and flare accompanying beats superb.

Will pass on this one. Nice efforts, nevertheless.


deji d

"no other dude comes close; im homophobic!"...that was mean


@Uduak: well, I have to respect your opinion.
BUT, I must say this: MI killedddd this track. No chorus, No pauses, No annoying chorus by Djinee, Straight spitting fire...

And the tempo na dieee. The dude must have been on some kinda high (love usually does it), but I'll suspect opium and the likes...

What I'm excited about is this whole mixtape culture that we've started hearing about. I'll like to see the likes of Ruggedman and Modenine leave all their pretenses at home and get on the 'goodness' bandwagon. Fingers crossed.


If this doesnt sound goo to you, means u u should be listening to nursey ryhmes. This is an ADVANCE MI. he's bn hittn us with preety cheap lyrics, so he stepped up his game on this one. ACIDIC!!! watch out for a M.I and Dbanj song.. i forsee that coming soon.

Its Mr Incredible............he's here to stay. no one can copy him, he's solo like isolo............


sauce kid and m.i track must happen. no matter what haters no gree, the song will happen o. m.i is very impressive o


I'm still trynna consider MODE 9 or M.I??
I don't know..
WHAT D FUCK !!! M.I IS ON FIRE!! He killed this song.


Yo, MI. Better watch your back, because all those other rappers are behind you.


Now God Punish anybody wey no fit for dis rap's either u sabi or go back to ur villa, Big Ups to MI, am working on ur joint wit wizzy, BUT MI is tryin dat much ....soon guy soooooooooon!!!

enny lawrenz

30,000 sold in 30 minute,i ma witnex!...Practice wen u study my tactics,watch wen i practice,bt dey cn't crack dz...Datz dier weaknex!...M is chillin n pelipeli,his chillin inside dier belly...So watch him in ur tele!...Mehn dz rappa is my musical godfada!

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