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January 15, 2009



Hunh? He said it best, "may I catch my breath." Please do. Trying way too hard.



SICK!!!! Who is this dude?


ok wait this is fireeee damn!!!!!!!


this is tooo maddddd. im like feeling cold right now lmao. na some next level metaphors be dis, hip hop nvr die afterall.
damn Uduak or ladybrille i can feel the hate from here lol, go do your own before you talk..


Puncha I am doing my own and more [emphasis on more]that is why I can talk. :)

Also, I come to this site to enjoy the selections but don't get it twisted I am here to also find the right talent and amplify, as I have been doing and will continue to do, Naija/African music to the

As I said before Matt Sesso said it best, "May I catch your breath" so brother catch your breath and step on it. The competition is too stiff for whatever this is. :)



Lyrics are seriously tight but his voice sounds somehow to me. Maybe... I don't know jare.... Am looking 4wd to hearin more from him.

Elenu Nla

I like how ND's goons (aka muzik who wanna claim they haven't asked who Matt Sessoo is before on a prior.
Sha... the freestyle not bad.
but lets hear some songs.
Tell ND to work on his skills. We're still rooting for him.
There's difference between hate and tough love. Shine ya eyes and recognize.

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