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January 28, 2009



I shoudnt have slept on this guy's music. I have the album sitting here and yet again i skipped this track.
Klever Jay has a similar dancehall sound like Timaya but his style is unique in its own self. This song has just made me take a second listen to his album.. He sings in Hausa too... niceeeee


klever jay is aight...still got some tidying up to do..
he needs to stop dat oropumunmadude chant..we already identify timaya wit it....originality is da key

dat remix sounds like a karaoke a session...hope he gets money from dis album so dat he can work in a better studio...da truth hurts..

big ups klever jay...out


Oh dis koni koni luv D song sounds funny. Not my kinda music doh.
Nice to hear from ksolo again. D party dey song is just thurr to me. Least am movin my feet.

Ovie O

@ tmonei, the chant u hear is by K-solo, the producer (as bsb already mentioned). K-Solo only started working with the likes of Timaya and co. because of wut he did with Klever Jay. At some point, they were more or less a duo. So, in reality, if any1 really needs 2 get "identified" with it, i'd say Klever Jay.

Mola OG

Klever Jay u get mouth... my favorite track on d album is still Te Ba Gbe Mu...

tmonei u..thanks

k-solo should step up his productn, then..dum gbedum gbedum beats...very typical

as far as am concerned sossick is da producer to watchout for....da guy laced dagrin wit maddd beats..out

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