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January 21, 2009


Elenu Nla

This is old right?

"I got naked women cooking in my kitchen!" that line still disgusts me for some reason. apart from that, sick track. e so fun demola ko to'no yen o!


excuse me...what's ur name/ they call me king david aka the incredible hulk/ I get big muscle my head be like yam/ I go beat u if u f*** up. LMAO

Mola OG

@ Elenu Nla, yeh this song was made a while ago. As in I had been cracking my head for months to figure what he was saying at the beginning of this song... thanx for the lyrics..very catchy...

@Rotimi lol, if King David catch you?

Elenu Nla

rotimi na fool! chewo!

@ mola, yeah he says dat in addition to "e ma je'o jaaa bo leee ohhhhh"

datz d best part of d whole song sef.

Ovie O

@ Rotimi, u're one of a kind! lmao! How dis guy head take be like yam? Oghene biko-o (God abeg o).
@ Elenu, it seems u're the queen of yoruba. I'm hopin u received the Alawiye textbook I sent u in Primary school. lol. On a serious note tho, I'm thinkin about learnin d language so I can enjoy movies like Jenifa... lol. Why don't we do a trade; u teach me Yoruba, I'll brush up ur Urhobo skills....


@ Mola, don't worry I'll be hiding in a very safe place. U guys seem to forget this classic picture

I don't know if any of you played street fighter on Super Nintendo but this guy was one of the characters on there. LMAO.

I'll stop now....

Elenu Nla yoruba skills are definitely better than the urhobo but i'm not at that jenifa level.


Haven't I heard this b4? D song is very very nice. I have naked women cooking in my kitchen doesn't sound disgustin to me..he's probably braggin.
Wud sure like to feel on his muscles. Damn!


@bsb: "I have naked women cooking in my kitchen" sounds like women preparing heroin or crack to me. Which is odd coming from a Nigerian, because our drug game doesn't work that way.

If it's just sex talk braggadocio, I'd rather dude said he had naked women feeding him grapes or something. *shrug* Personally, hollow statements like that bore me.

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