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January 18, 2009


nzewi amaral jnr

Mr.Timaya is hot.niger delta dey runtins.who sai nutin gud wil come 4rom d "MILITANT"lol

Ovie O

@ Nzewi, thanx 4 stopping by the blog. I feel u on the Niger-Delta thing. We run things! lol.


This babe is still alive. I thot after Rhymzo's diss song she'll go n hide. LOL.
Funny dat she's singin a "I LOVE U" splittin wid her husband.


Okay..Timaya's sayin dat it's a song for God but she's still sayin " i love d way u hold me"??? Lil bit confuzd herr.


Alright, I've listened again n it makes sense now.

Ovie O

@ bsb, did Rhymzo really diss Kefee?? I never heard of it...


okay, after listening to this and of course listening to Simisola, am I the only one thinking that Nigerian gospel sounds better than most Naija pop music out there, particularly the music from the women? This is very well produced and of course her voice is clean and pleasant.

Of course, 'Unkulu' Timaya cannot go wrong, but the song would have been strong even if he weren't on the track. My mom and family just had a party yesterday, and when I called they were jamming to the guy, na wa oh!

Anyway, this song is a new favorite and will def. go on the IPOD. Thanks so much for sharing, make sure you let us know when the vid comes up oh.

Elenu Nla

Did i 4get to comment on this one?

Alll these songs are making me love Jesus some more oh!

isnt she an Urhobo girl sef? FAMILY!!!!

Ovie O

lol @ Elenu. I wonder what took u so long. Yeah she's an omote. Our sista. ...and she sings very well. I'd put some more of her songs but I'm sure the readers will almost crucify me. We only add more posts from a specific artist depending on the response. In any case, let's see...

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