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January 22, 2009



Good Music!!


I definitely 2nd that! ZGood Music indeed!

...passionate, earthy instrumental music that inspires both body and soul...

FINE!!! I will be your #1 Critique!


dis is a real naija R&B with a simple yet sultry feel to it....very inspirational and challenging lyrics...I can bump my head to dis all day instead of usher and co....naija artist keep it coming...if u've done a good job we will let u know...and if not, we wont le to u...enjoy peeps

Mola OG

this track is Fiya... feel good track

Elenu Nla

he aint king david but i think i'm in love with the smile. pretty boyyyy.

oh yeah...

nice song! lol. not GREAT but it works

Ovie O

Omo I've been playing dis song ever since it touched down on my email yesterday to this point (probably over 20 times...), No joke! I even had 2 come 2 d site 2 play it again... and again. Its mos def my favorite Naija R&B of 2009 thus far... Faze impressed me more than usual too.


Song is cool.

For his debut single, not the best, not powerful enough for the market he is entering. He definately can sing, so work on the inspiration and come back heavy. Good lucky dude.


As for some1 dat won d project fame I was expectin som deep, powerful song like all these winners from all 'em shows do.
I agree wid Egbe, it's definitely not d best for a debut single.
Well he got a gud voice n I like his lyrics so I'll like to hear more of his songs


criticise softly, peeps...good song cant be better than dis...its a song chronicling his strugglies...peeps need to know where he is coming from and ow he got here...nice song choice for a debut...good concept...


aw this is a verrry nice song!


The song is smooth. His voice is very good.

But, I was distracted by something. Certain lyrical choices just seemed disjointed to my ear.

In the chorus, he says "all my ladies hustling oh, now you're rocking dem dey beef you oh"

I get what he's saying, but I truly think, and no disrespect intended, that his word choice was a little uninspiring. "hustling", "rocking", "beef" should have been changed to more 'Naija' words. Don't ask me why, but those 3 words kept standing out always as if they didn't belong. There is enough slang from pidgin to the God knows how many Nigerian languages there are to tap from. And, if there is anything we Nigerians know, it is that we are never at a loss for things to say.

But, overall, I did enjoy the song.


wicked tune !!.lovely collabo.faze did enjoy thix lovely tune.can ask for more.9/10

norma wonderful. This is why i love having 50% of my naija genes.

kere ekun

its amazing! the power of this iyanya guyz voice is amazing. if he works on it wella, we are looking at some tyrese and lemar things o. but the song isn't..'enough'. we've heard better from people with voices not as good as his-check D'jinee-guy needs to step up his game sha.

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