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January 06, 2009


Samuel K

finally!!! we get a full...well...almost full album from the don himself. tired of seeing african chiquito and i go yarn on almost every album i heard frm him after the trybe breakdown. Now I can look forward to 5 nu songs minus the intro's and the singles already out. well lets make dat 4 now that Go has dropped. (I consider Go and Go (Remix) 1 song). Eldee is still my fav naija rapper. I will cop this one tho when it hits the net.

Mola OG

@SamuelK its already on the net... You can cop the album on the SNOCAP player above

Elenu Nla

On the original, that bosi gbangba upgrade beat isn't cutting it for me.

I LOVE the remix! very grown. very debonaire sound 2 it. i expected the beat to flip on the hook. hit us a bit harder. then the bridge sef ma'ke i go produce :D

okay...the end just left me empty on that remix. dem for smash us. dope song tho.

even the original. it's got "getusedtoitability"

9ja's OT

ok now wat is up with all these married men chasing women away, first Dare: not the girl, now Eldee: GO, shey i wan marry like this sha??

Nice song, the remix is better because the first one has eldee's famous remixed beat. nice song and i love the concept. cant wait for the album tho.

Elenu Nla

Keno "Get out Get out Get out" nko? Is he married though?

Ovie O

@ 9ja's OT. Dunno if u've been on the blog, but welcome (back) regardless. That's a really good point tho. They're all starting 2 chase d girls away. Power to all Men! lol.
@ Elenu Nla, Keno is as single as the Eiffel tower in the Paris skyline.


very dissapointed in eldee's album promotion. he did not do a single show in december when big shwos were all over. he did not get a single endorsement for someone who has been in the game. the album came out and no one knew. i was shocked to see it in trafi and saw little or no promotion. i expected more from a well publicized internnet promotion for bosi gbangba. my verdict. this guy has lost it. move over @BIG BOY' ur relevance is dimnishing. m.i is here, naeto c is here. sauce kdi is coming back. da grin is here. we r tired of these daytime workers and night time mcees.

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