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January 12, 2009



His energy and delivery reminds me of D'banj.

Does he have any videos out there?


Ms Ifeanyinwa

Attack of the

Elenu Nla

Can we not recycle every single verse we already have in every naija popular song? ARGHHH! It IRKS me out.

Please post some more Simisola songs

oh isn't bad. BUT are we not tired? me I'm tired oh! Give us something new.


Elenu Nla... please expand... I am interested. You said enu ose was a bunch of noise... can 2gbaski do anything to please u. Abeg everybody get on the floor and lets dance jare. Not my best from his album but it is still very enjoyable.


unfortunately, this song just didn't move me. This was who, again? Durella, shebi? Okay, let me go listen to another song of his. I cannot judge the bobo on this track alone. That pic of his is cool!


Enemies!!!!! lol...Durella is mad ooh, shayo and enu ose are my jamzz

Elenu Nla

Tani Enemies? waka shege banza! na by force to like everything the guy do? ABEG! ME i like music. This guy makes noise half the time shouting the same words.

I'll get on the floor and dance but when this one comes on, i'm sitting down and resting my pretty little feet.

holla at me when you pop in someone I can listen to.

Elenu Nla

in fact, ara yin oo ya (YOU ARE NOT WELL!). I even went and did research and can't see where i said durella makes noise on any Enu o se. mschewwww. POST THE LINK let me see. If it's not dated before 1/15/2009 4:00pm EST, you're very mad.

Did I abuse anybody for liking him? nobody should abuse me for not being his fan.

on top of all dat, i already said d song wasn't bad. must I off pant and declare him d father of ma unborn babies?


Elenu nla... lol... calm down. I don't think the enemies was meant for you... its just Durella say... this fight nah wah oh... can't stop laughing. Pele na

Ovie O

LMAO! 4give me 4 laffin' but this is hella funny.
@ Elenu, Egbe is actually right. The "Enemies!!!!" wasn't meant 4 u. Durella says it on virtually every song. Sarah meant no insults or disrespect... I promise!


and yes you did.

e be like say I am actually falling for you small small... this is feeling nah 2gbaski.

Elenu Nla


lol...even BSB said that video sounded like noise. The actual Enu o se song isnt bad. SO YES! IT SOUNDED LIKE NOISEEEEEEE! lol

if you lyk, fall in love oh, 10gbaskos.

on another note, GOOD LUCK TO DURELLA! Elenu Nla doesn't have to love you when 1,000.00 other chicks already do. ENEMIES!


Y'all are sick dudes. Lmao @ Elenu Nla's comments.
Anyways, this is not one of my best songs of Durella but the thing I like about him is that he puts his all in any song he makes..lots of energy.
At the end, the song is just therr. Wud they actually play it in a club?


I don't think they would ooh... even the other songs sef.. do they play them in clubs???

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