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January 24, 2009



Really like this track !!I think this could blow especially in the east of naija. Igbo Kweneu!! Its a bit long though ( nearly six mins!!)so it could have been shortened. going to his truspot page now......


This is a nice song to play in an nkwobi joint...sippin sum hot pepper soup n strugglin to divide dat isi ewu wid ur teeth..get'n drunk on dose bottles of gulder...usin champagne to wash ur dese igbo guys shud know wat am talkin bout. IGBO KWENU!!
He shudda cald some rich dudes name or sum'n den it'l b complete.

DJ Fineboy

@ say u don chill with too many igbo guys....nothing do u....we too mush.

Ovie O

lol @ bsb, that's some detailed description right there. Na so Igbo boys dey enjoy?


Mola, dis no be "Caribbean" flavor. Dis na correct original highlife! Haba!

:smh: Boys no even sabi our own music again. After you call Bright Chimezie (not to mention Prince Nico Mbarga), you come tro'way am like so? Chei.



IGBO KWENU 4 real!!! Nna men, I'm luvvin dis music. DJ Fineboy, dis one wey your name na Fineboy, and u be Ibo boy, hope u fine really oh. If not.... Odikwa serious. lol.
@ Oluseyi, I don't think Mola posted this. It says Ovie O. and he always uses that O.O thing. The Caribean wuteva must have been the beat. It has that "lai lala bamba" stuff on the beat.
@ Ovie, there's this aura around Ibo boys. Bendel boys like yourself don't have it. Sorry. lol.

kami kaze

sweet. ID cabasa! Nice work.

Lagos Mama

For those who will be in Lagos on Valentines, Docto Aiyk will be performing Live alongside Keeno and Marvelous Benjy @ the Lagos Brown Sugar Vals Party on the 15th of Feb @ De Heaven's Night Club, Nimph Plaza, 1st Avenue, Festac Town, Lagos. Check out his face book page for details.

Docto Aiyk

tanx guys...i'm on the flour wif laughter...come to fink of it...i'm realy feelin like havin a cool okwa of nkwobi right now....much love guys

Ovie O

lmao @ Docto Aiyk himself. IGWE!!! lol. Which I could be @ ur show in Lagos with Keeno 2 see how the Ibo boys roll. Omo, I dey miss Nkwobi seriously o!


mhen ya'll re so right his very talented, asin his voice mhen odi kwa 2much lolz. pls wen is d new album comin out,so we can groove 2 it ooo..... all d best ooo nd my God bless nd guide u amen.


I actually really like the high life/old school feel to this song.


this is buriful...tank God we still have peeps who realy make good music...meldoy...lovely voice...i love ya music ya so cute, lol ...just wondering...can i get ya number...lols


LOVE it! love it!

can't wait to work together!



life na jeje wat a lovely blend of music...i love it. keep repin Docto

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